Vietnamese-japan Relations: Bright Future From A Perspective

Prof. Dr.Skh.ngnd Vu Minh Giang said that from the perspective of culture, Vietnam and Japan are very similar. Further research is the same as the two hands of a man, meaning the similarity, speaking in mathematical language, is a mirror symmetry, meaning to compensate for the prime minister

. Japan Kishida Fumio, the Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh has just ended the official visit to Japan from 22-25/11. Photo: VGP / Japan Banks from the past past Who suspects that the two countries in Vietnam and Japan are more than 3,600 km away, how to explicitly have a relationship from over 1,000 years ago. Regarding the Nara interval (century VIII), many Japanese people met the wind storm, drifted in the south, to the territories of Vietnam today, among them the first is Mr
Nakamaro Abeno. His boat met storms, suffering from Vietnam in 716. Due to the time of studying and departing in China, there was an understanding of An Nam, in 761, he was elected by the lines to do An Nam Ceramic. For 6 years as the highest head with the name of the onion, instead of applying harsh ruling policies like the capital officials, Nakamaro enlisted the time to learn about local culture and people And leaving good emotions in his epic works on this beautiful country. The charm between Vietnam and Japan appears in the 19th century, when the world is in a horror before Horse of our army. Both Dai Viet and Japan were all within the sights of the Mongeau empire. But the army of Thien Battle once stormed the wind across the Eurasian continent must stop beforeing Vietnam and Japan. Many foreign historians once said Vietnam's Bach Dang victory has contributed to helping the country of sunrise escape from a cruel wilderness. The history of Vietnamese-Japanese relations opened beautiful pages at the beginning The 16th century. After the unity of the country, General Tokugawa issued a special passport allowed to go to foreign ships to trade (Goshuinjo / Ngu Chau Status)
Taking this opportunity, Trinh Lords in the outside and Lord Nguyen in Dang Cu have policies to strengthen relations with the shepherd government and preferential Japanese traders. Especially since Lord Nguyen Phuc Nguyen, Hoi An becomes a bustling international port. Most boats stemming from Japanese ports are up to Hoi An port. In order to convenient for long-term trafficking, Japanese people asked for Lord Nguyen to build here a whole street, in history called Japan. Lord Nguyen has allowed Japanese traders to be allowed to organize the community similar to a self-management form. Many Japanese traders have married Vietnamese, among them, Araki Shotaro. He used to be a Japanese chief and was affected by the government of Nguyen Nguyen Vense, a princess to be a princess. An when it is the port on the "sea silk road", Japanese merchant ships have a red stamp license ( Shuinsen / Chau Printing) offers commodities such as gold, silver, sword, sword, folding blinds, folding fans, bronze money, Hizen ceramics and bought silk, corals, ivory, ceramic and special As flavoring, spices and some rare ingredients such as incense, pepper, turmeric, lead, top match ... so far there are still many traces of a Japanese time with Hoi An. On ancient map, Tran Phu Street now has been named in Japan. The street connected to the temple bridge is also called Japanese Bridge. In addition, some tombs on beer stated as Japan Nhan (Japanese people) are still carefully carefully careed by the local people. This, Japan is a positive country to help study construction Profile submission for UNESCO Hoi An workers is a world cultural heritage and since then, always pays attention to funding many cultural relics in Hoi An as well as Temple in Hue ... head The XX, prestige of Japan is very high. The revolutionaries of Vietnam launched the East Du movement, sent nearly 200 students to Japan to study with the desire for young classes to learn experiences, open knowledge to be able to study Japan, renew the country Regarding independent after World War II ended, the Japanese army drained to the country, there were still some soldiers who stayed in Vietnam to help Viet Minh conduct anti-French resistance. They are fragile bridges of the Huu Huu Viet Japan after a short period of winding. The message from the past shows, Vietnamese-Japanese relations have a bruen love not only in "day one, day two" and Although there are upcoming steps, that relationship is always aims at beautiful high values. Currently with the living witnesses of the history of glorious victory in the war resistance, Vietnam has to enter one New school. This is when Vietnamese-Japanese relations stand in front of a very harsh challenge. While Vietnam is working with the unification of the country, then many Japanese people, of all people, the people's class opposes the war, supporting the resistance of the Vietnamese people. Meet

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