Vietnamese Man ‘owed’ Pangolin

Witnessing the moment of paraset mother hugging her tight but still not escaping the hunter's hand, the teenager Nguyen Van Thai suddenly found herself owe this animal a better life than 200:00 / 5: 56 South regions More than 20 years After, the young man Nguyen Van Thai so far somewhat pays "debt" through the establishment of Save Vietnam's Wildlife (Wildlife Conservation Center in Vietnam), from which to liberate and save more 1,500 pangolins are illegally traded for the past 6 years. "Pangolin does not harm anyone but is excessively used by humans, making some species come to the banks", Mr. Thai told Zing. "(That made me feel like I owed them and I needed to do something to help numbness to be hunted and trafficked." Yes for my contributions, Mr

. Thai was awarded the Goldman Environmental Award in May 6. This is award that is like "Nobel Green" for people with dedication in the field of environmental protection and wildlife. Hanh Nguyen Van Thai feels we have special affection for pangolin
Photo: Save Vietnam's Wildlife. "Debt" with pangolin from a small piece of Nho Quan, Ninh Binh, near Cuc Phuong National Park, Anh Thai from a small opportunity to live near nature. "Right next to my house It is a jackfruit garden with a lot of gold pearl peaches there, "Mr. Thai recalled with zing.Tuy has a rough scales, pangolin is a gentle animal. They do not have teeth that use tongue to sieve and termit. Without attacking, pangée only knows how to shrink every time it feels dangerous. However, the life of this shy animal is not very quiet, because rear scales are said to be cure from asthma to cancer, although there is no scientific evidence. In the 1990s, the movement trading in the rumbs in Vietnam. Mr
Thai witnessed to witness the people who peached this animal to take scales. He was a picture of his mother's numbness and tightened himself to protect herself and small children in hopeless. "With that way (pangolin) Protection against other animals, but cannot protect the human hand, "Mr. Thai said. He protects the soft abdomen by curling people again, but this behavior makes them a good primer for Hunter. Photo: African Pangolin Working Group. After graduating from university, Mr. Thai was admitted to make Asian paraset protection program in Cuc Phuong National Park. Through time to find out, he suddenly found himself Special affection for this animal. Numbness is the most smugged mammal species in the world, with an estimated 200,000 individuals sold with scales or meat each year, according to the Wildaid environmental organization (USA). Pangolin in Vietnam is extremely endangered in the IUCN Red Book and is protected by Vietnamese Criminal Law. "That urges I want to protect, preserve, and restore pangolin, not just decel n Vietnam but worldwide, "Mr. Thai shared. "The love kept greating and accompanied me for nearly 20 years ago" Sleep with numbness to start working, Mr. Thai has a lot of difficulties because of very little numbness. Natural petties are difficult to detect because they live in the forest and operate at night. In order to meet a pangolin that has been difficult, it has not yet mentioned research. The first Thai method is into the field forest. Once, he and his colleagues had to eat and sleep for 3 months to learn this animal manner. "The second way was to interview the hunters near the forest because they had an understanding of pangolin from the past, The moment the number of numbness is still more ", Mr. Thai said. The knowledge that the hunter provides very helpful to the conservation workers like Mr. Thai. When the hunter said numbness, we need to use a very effective hunting dog As a result, Mr. Thai called for sanctioning acts to bring dogs to the forest to hunt. This provision is currently included in Decree 35/2019 on regulations on sanctioning administrative violations in the field of forestry. Hanh Nguyen Van Thai established Save Vietnam's Wildlife organization in 2014. Photo: IUCN Vietnam.Anh Thai also much The time must be disguised to go to restaurants or merchants to exploit the information about the wildlife trafficking line. "Once I was discovered in the video, the whole market rushed. May I ran fast and jumped up with your motorbike colleagues, "Mr. Thai said." It was true that there was a real dangerous time but didn't go to the tiger cave, how could it be tiger, "Mr. Thai Laugh. So many people have not understood the value of the work he was doing, as well as the value of wildlife. "People keep thinking that wildlife in the forest, eating a child or a piece of meat Why ", Mr. Thai said. "But they don't know how people hunt are destroying nature". Thai said with a net hunter covering the tree, causing many birds stuck inside. But after that, the hunter also brought a few children, leaving the other deadly children in the net. "Sometimes people eat a piece of animal meat but don't understand what they are killing hundreds of thousands of other children," he Thai said. First achievements to pay "debts" with pangolin, in 2014, Mr. Thai established a non-profit organization Save Vietnam's Wildlife (SVW) in Cuc National Park

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