Vietnamese Satellite Was Launched By Japan To The Universe On October 1, 2021

The Japanese Aerospace Agency has announced, Nanodragon satellite designed by Vietnam, integrated will be launched on the universe on October 1, with 8 other satellites of Japan. Nanodragon Will go to the universe at the Uchinoura Space Center, Kagoshima Prefecture, south of Japan, where each successfully launched Microdragon Satellite in 2019. The Nanodragon Review will be launched at the Uchinoura Space Center, Kagoshima Province, south of Japan, where each successfully launched Vietnam's micropragon satellite in 2019. According to the roadmap at 9:48 - 9h59 minutes in Japan (about 7:48 - 7h59 minutes in Vietnam), Nanodragon will go to the universe with 8 defenses Other Japanese fements under the program "Creative satellite technology performance" by Japanese Epsilon missile No. 5

. In case of adverse conditions for launching such as unfavorable weather, time expected The launch space can be backed down on October 2, 2021 or 30/11/2021. Before that, on August 17, 2021, Nanodragon is by the Armpain Center T Nam (VNSC), Vietnam Academy of Sciences and Technology (VAST) has been officially handed over to the Japanese Aerospace Agency (JAXA). Before handing over, in two days 16-17 / 8/2021, JAXA made the final inspection stages to ensure satellite security safety such as shaping, size, power supply system While the release
Nanodragon is the product of the topic "Research, design, manufacture, launch and operate the ultra-small satellite test of the nano-size" belonging "national science and technology program on dance technology Cylinder 2016 - 2020 stage ". The process of research, design, integration and testing of satellite functions is completely implemented in Vietnam, by VNSC researchers. NanodRagon's crystal is developed with the purpose of proving to use public Automatic Identification System - AIS - AIS Automatic Identification System - AIS (Automatic Identification System - AIS) for monitoring, monitoring vehicles on the sea. Nanodragon is designed by Vietnam, integrated Handed over to JAXA on 17 / 8.NAnodragon is also designed to verify the quality of the control system and identify satellite posture and a newly developed advanced computer for sized satellites small. Nanodragon satellites are expected to operate in solar synchronous orbit at a height of about 560 km. After completing the process of manufacturing, integration and functional testing in Vietnam, from March 9, 2021 On April 9, 2021, satellites were Hoanh Thanh Environmental testing before launching at the Small Satellite Testing Center, Kyushu Technology Academy, Japan. After a month of trial, Nanodragon surpassed all strict processes The most stringent, qualified to be launched in the universe in Japan later this year, according to the fiscal year of Japan (later is March 3/2022). Song with satellite development, a face station Land to operate satellites after launchers has been developed, installed and ready to operate. The ground station is installed in the center of Vietnam Space, Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park
Nano Dragon is the next step in the process of mastering satellite technology in Vietnam. According to the Vietnam Space Center, to master satellite technology, the Vietnam Space Center project has set a route. Accordingly, Vietnam gradually mastered satellite technology through designing, manufacturing from ultra-small satellites, small satellites to satellites using the most advanced technology as radar technology (Lotusat-1) . Competitives, 2013, Picodragon ultra-small satellite research (1kg) researched by the Vietnam Space Center, manufactured and relatively stable for 3 months on the universe. Also in 2013, engineers Vietnam embarked on designing and manufacturing microdragon satellites with a mass of 50kg, component of the 36th Aerospace Training Project in Japan in Japan, satellites were launched in the universe in January / 2019. The latest, the signing ceremony of Lotusat-1 satellite package also took place in 2019.Nguyen Hoai

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