Vietnamese Scientists Built ‘smart Eyes’ Contributing To The Prevention And Control Of Covid-19

Smart Medical Declaration Equipment (CLI - Smarteyes) can monitor influential people with large quantities and detect cases of risk of spreading the disease automatically, alternative to body measurement Handmade heat, hand-held, to reduce the risk for users and minimize cross-contamination status.02: 00/6: 22 nu southern southern souvenir to control human resources, traced Covid-19 translations Strong dynamic, great influence on the entire operation of the socio-economy from the beginning of 2020 in bad direction.Chung hand with the government in repel Pandemic Covid-19, a large number of experts, houses Top science in Vietnam with the sense of responsibility, constantly creative efforts, intellectual, enthusiasm has promptly created science and technology products to effectively serve traceability and control cases, zoning, stamping, epidemiological forecasts ..

. Support prevention and control of epidemics. One of the products cannot be mentioned when talking about technology applications in the expenditure COVID-19 against CLI - Smarteyes. This is a dedicated device that automatically checks the body temperature and scanning the QR code of medical declaration
Products covered by PGS.TRS Pham Hong Quang, Informatics and Calculation Center, Vietnam Academy of Sciences and Sciences and successfully studied with the spirit of carrying technology to support the medical industry. Medical examination with cli-smarteyes equipment. Photo: TLPGS.TS Pham Hong Quang Share, CLI-Smarteyes design and manufacturing research team includes more than 20 long-term information technology engineers and many applications that have been implemented in the fields. Smart City Management and Smart Traffic. Since the end of 2020, when it is aware of highly likely pandemic will affect the social life of the people, promoting the available strengths, the group has started designing hardware, writing software and producers Export testing equipment. Through many tests, upgrades, to mid-August 8/2021, the product is finished for applications. SHAREWARDS ABOUT MINH MINH HEALTH TESTING SYSTEM, Assoc. Economic development, living with Covid-19 translation, strict control of public points is needed
According to the preliminary calculation of the Ministry of Health, there are about 6.5 million establishments that are expected to implement personal medical code reader testing when opening the door, including state agencies, governments and parliament , court, administrative agencies in provinces, districts, communes, enterprises, industrial parks, hospitals, schools, bus pier, apartment building ... if using manpower to control, will need similar Applying at least 6.5 million workers, QRCode readers and computers or mobile phones (very slow and inconvenient). "This problem will be solved with smart eyes - Smarteyes", PGS.TS Pham Hong Optical emphasizes specific changes, PGS.TS Pham Hong Quang said, instead of having to have a key person, measuring body temperature, scanning QR code ... This system does not need operators. The person who passes the medical test scanner only needs to take the forehead itself into a 3cm sensor to measure the temperature, then raise the personal QRCode code or capture the qrcode code where the device will automatically report body temperature , Level of danger of epidemic (on medical declaration databases, epidemiological history, vaccination, testing) ... of people from the data port will display on the screen. People who do not qualify through the door, there will be alarms, the screen will report it (fever, high level of danger ...). The device is quite compact, like a box, but inside multiple features integration , from thermal body measuring sensors, scanning code QR automatic medical declaration code, wifi connection, face recognition, screen, sound, to the sensor measuring oxygen concentration in the blood. The device includes a computer embedded camera; infrared temperature sensor; Face and QRCode identification software; Screen and whistle chip notification of medical inspection results. When people arrive at the test location make enough procedures for measuring the temperature, declare personal health QRCode code, the software automatically connects to the Ministry of Health's portal to display and alert at the scene of the risk Muscle infection translation. The information of the person to the location is taken to the Ministry of Health to serve the traces later. Only lose up to 10 seconds to declare medical status anymore, to ensure the authentication of medical declaration via QR code Individuals, CLI-Smarteyes also use artificial intelligence technology (AI) face detection to detect dishonest cases using others' QRCODE to circulate. More, the device also has a design Add a sensor to measure oxygen concentration in the blood. For people who need to check the amount of oxygen in the blood to put finger on the sensor on the device for a few dozen seconds, the data rhythm, breathing rhythm, SPO2 is displayed and the system automatically warns by sound and notes on the screen if it is likely to be sick, recommends people to the nearest medical training facility. The device is also designed to integrate electronic token scanning with high-speed QR code to minimize Control time in places with large outputs such as industrial parks, public

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