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In the moment the music market cannot be exciting because of epidemic, many singers have made at home stage, the purpose is simply 'I like it, I sing down'.0: 00/5: 23 male market Music is quiet, lack of entertainment products. At this right now, some artists have awakened, timely launches the execution series at home, looking forward to a gentle relaxing atmosphere for the musician love audience. I like to sing the first cannon with singers Bao Anh with Moodshow. It was a bit surprised and surprised because of the past year, told him to be completely silent

. Perhaps it is also because Moodshow brings a new feeling than being a series of shows Cover the songs simply. "Moodshow was thought of happening in a long-term house. Going, the audience only requires his hit lesson, while I like many other songs
I want to sing the songs I like in a formal way, instead of just singing every time you go karaoke. So Moodshow was born. "The female singer said she was quiet to last time because I wanted to think carefully to see what to do to refresh myself." Moodshow is not my official project. It doesn't show these New creation or new music orientation. It's just fun. This is merely the song series I like, I sing, arbitrarily. Where to do it. And the main projects I was fully prepared, Out of the translation is to embark on production "- Lazy voice love. In the time at home, tell him the idea of implementing two Moodshow episodes to sing the songs they like
Photo: NVCC.Moodshow has a duration of about 15 Minutes / episodes, respectively about 4 songs performed, released by the week. In Moodshow, you choose to relax the Vietnamese music songs, in accordance with the existing passenger. Along with producer, a name is quite new in the music village, bringing more modern ways to mix and handle for old songs. Releasing the right time, catching the right psychology and needs of listeners, Moodshow of Bao Anh Creating a pretty good effect. Vuice Vuice Vu Thao My also introduces a music show at home named Live at Home.Co said: "Like many other artists, every plan and my project must be temporarily temporary Postponed during this period. Sitting a place forever, I couldn't decide to make a music show for myself, right in my house who was staying to remember the career and took the audience. I think these coverings will help people actively, more fun ".Live AT HOME continuously introduced to the audience the cover of the cover done every Saturday night. The entire song selected in Live At Home is all international hits, mostly R songs

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