Vietnamese Stars Practice Abdomen, Keep The Physique

Bao Anh, Mlee, Kim Ngan and many Vietnamese stars work hard every day. That's how to help them relieve stress and preserve the shape.0: 00/4: 26 South British men balance yoga balancing life at home, told you to read books, learn guitar and exercise. Female singer regularly shares the workout image at home and said it is an effective way to balance life, relieve stress and increase persistence. I want you to live on yoga to preserve physique and get good health

. Yoga planted banana tree is a female singer posture often applied in training sessions. Tell him acknowledge the past few days when she cannot perform, her income is reduced. However, female singers in 1992 were still more fortunate than many circumstances, so the 29th birthday (September 3), told him Livestream to send gifts to disadvantaged audiences
Abstract exercises of exercise time, can not see good fitness and sports for the body. Daily training helps herself healthier, the spirit is relaxed, comfortable mind and toned physique. The moment of epidemic is like today, housing at home makes himself easily fall into negative conditions, even lazy. The practice at home helps actresses improve the situation. Kha Ngan shared with Zing: "I usually spend at least 30 minutes a day to practice simple songs like bending, Plank, jumping rope ... because my shape is quite slender, most exercises focus on muscle Belly, helping the body firmer. I am the one who likes to work and exercise sports from small, so the diet is quite Healthy. I don't fast to lose weight but always eat enough and limit the starch
I eat a lot of vegetables, drink plenty of water every day to ensure nutrients, while increasing the resistance ".mlee likes to mobilize to relieve stressme fancy sports, movement should exercise is not possible Ignore every day. The female singer usually starts the exercise by gentle booting for about 20 minutes to maintain the heart rate, then switch to a rope to heat up and sweat. The practice helps her relieve stress. "I practice alternating, having a day of the abdomen, the next day moving behind her legs, hips. I divided the reasoning time but compared to before the translation, these days I moved less. Previously, I practiced Boxing, Cascadeur, dance now every day I practice about 2 hours later spending time with other things. Exercise is the most important article, because it maintains persistence, supple. In addition, I practice the abdominal muscles and hips because I think it's the most beautiful on the body, "Mlee shared. Vu Ngoc Anh released a bad energy with boxing at home for translation, Vu Ngoc Anh Practice Boxing online with training DISSOR. Model and actor said she practiced 3 sessions a week and 90 minutes continuously every session. There is no favorable conditions like in the gym but the model still maintains training to stay healthy and standard Being involved in the boxing contest for artists. Vu Ngoc Anh sets of articles such as 6 attacks in boxing or weightlifting, resistance wires, combining strength enhancement exercises like squat, inhaling soil, jumping rope. " House a lot of moving makes me feel that people are not firm, health also decreases. In contrast, when practicing me to release bad energy, the spirit of pressing and the body is also confident More ", Vu Ngoc Anh shared with zing. Russian Yoga practice, meditation to regulate breaths Every artist has different exercises. With models, swan actors, days Y, she focused on training breathing, so it usually applies a toughness of toughness like yoga, meditation. "I practiced basic yoga movements like bending, stretching or putting leg to close the wall to reduce thigh fat, slimmer legs. Every day, I often spend a sound for training. Not only enhanced Healthy, breathing method is quite good in preventing Covid-19. Breathing training every day helps our lungs take better oxygen. Also I see this give yourself a voice to be sexy, slightly thicker, Very useful for my acting career later, "Swan shares. Young actors also apply starch fell diets, increase the amount of green vegetables and fruits to preserve their physique. She obeyed the principle of not eating after 19h, thus kept a stable weight. JSOL improves back pain with exercise not only female stars that male artists also focus on training to stay healthy, especially During the disease outbreak. JSOL for Zing knows he has back pain and health situation improves significantly due to hard work. Every week, he spends 4-5 days to practice and every day is 1 hour to 30 minutes to 2 hours. "Practicing helps JSOL maintains shape, more comfortable spirit and improving resistance to themselves. Earlier, JSOL practiced in the gym with many devices but when the way he could only stay at home, I practiced slighter postings. I also eat the right meal, full of nutrition to improve your health ".lan: Phuong Lam, NVCC

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