Vietnamese Stars ‘swing Trend’ That Day – Now: Lam Khanh Chi, Quang Vinh Is Surprising

After 10 years of 'Who is also different' but there are changes in Vietnamese stars that make the audience unexpectedly <: 00/2: 29 Nam nay here, the movement shows off the "day - now" causing hot on Social networks collect Netizen's crowded participation. By sharing the collage of 10 years ago and 10 years later, Sao Viet Association also raced Trend. Even, there are many changes that makes it big, it is difficult to realize because it is too different. Chisau is 10 years, Lam Khanh Chi has 'transformed' 360 degrees but with any beauty, beautiful transgender people still very Fascinating and beautiful. If you have never seen the previous image of the female singer, the audience is hard to realize this is the same person

. However, after many components, she could live with her gender. Currently, beautiful people are having a lives of multiplication marriage attached to his 8-year-old commune - Tran Phi Hung.BB TranBB Tran stunned with the image "that day-now" is not like anyone
Not only the success loss of success but also changed to shaping but probably the day before himself could not think about. Currently, BB Tran is one of the male stars who are supported and loved by the audience with graceful feminine images. Germany Many years of Family Accompany Germany is still loyal to dreamy pink. Actor became masculine, overwhelmed more than the day before, the time left the hair to be just like a knitting field with a face that flicked into milk. Children of the children who prefer bustling, Trend this time will not ignore. Accordingly, on the personal page, the actress updated the two photos marked the milestone 2014 - 2021. Thereby proving the beauty and style of increasingly promoted over time. Bao ThanhBao Thanh is also in a challenge After 10 years, the actress looked charming and beautiful students even though he was "a 2-headed armpit". The first tutoring was not the one who liked the trend, but the hair was still swept into the game. After 10 years, in addition to long curly hair replaced with short hair and forming a charming shape, the beauty doesn't seem to change
The female singer also acknowledged: "I'm less under Trend - at or be slow but this trend is curious to check the first Avatar on FB, and like unexpectedly, the pose shape is almost equal to 10 Year. It is true that through how to change, the windows of life, the armpit is still the same "opposite the end of the challenge is Quang Vinh, many viewers recognize the" Son Ca Prince "after years still not old but also "Reverse aging" sign. In recent years, Quang Vinh is less involved in the showbiz that focuses on tours and exploring the world. If you regularly monitor Instagram of South singers, you can see that you know how to enjoy life.rosa (synthesis) Photo: FBNV

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