Vietnamese Stars – Vietnam’s Most Rare Animals Are Digitized On Google Search

Recently, Google decided to digitize why stars - Vietnam's rare animals with AR 3D models on Google Search ANNGOWARD ANNUALITY 9: 00/1: 59 Southern National Rate Sao La International Day, Google coordinates with WWF- Vietnam, International Organization for Nature Conservation in Vietnam, started the campaign to retain the star footprint to preserve this rare animal through raising awareness and calling for the public to act. Accordingly, Google launches a 3D AR) 3D model 3D search on Google to search for users around the world to see close-up and details of this amazing creature right on electrical equipment death. This move contributes to people to understand more about why, from which to protect this rare animal. Sao La images are vividly digitized on Google Looking to live along Truong Son series, where armor The boundary between Vietnam and Laos, is a biodiversity symbol of Vietnam and Asia. The discovery of this species in 1992 in Vu Quang National Park has shocked conservation gender worldwide because in the previous 100 years, only five large animals were discovered

. Further threats Since ancient times, now, Sao La is standing on the verge of extinction with a few dozen individuals in nature. Therefore, why is the conservation of why it is considered to be the most rare and rare animal in Vietnam. Photo: WWFBold why the footprint makes the public better understand how the link between consumer behavior and lifestyle affects nature, to wild animals
Thereby, each individual, each organization can provide specific solutions and actions to reverse the progress of nature loss, reviving stars and other species. The service is divided into two stages . The stage according to the footprint of the star provides information revolving around why, decoding common misunderstandings about them. The second phase includes online interactive activities that highlight the link between the daily consumer behavior of people who will affect the stars as well as wildlife and nature. Also received the companionship and support of celebrities, people with influence, such as Le Hong Lam journalist, My Linh singer, photographer Ngo Tran Hai An, actor Bao Thanh, Chau Bui, Khanh Vy , HH H'Hen NI, HH Khanh Van, runner-up Bui Phuong Nga ... like Le

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