Vietnamese Vs Laos Commentary: Put The Tail

The match between Vietnam and Laos in the framework of the AFF Cup Cup 2020 will take place at 19:30 on 6/12 / 2021.Vietnamese football vs Laos Vietnam team started to protect the king in AFF Cup 2020 by match against Laos. Of course, the goal of 3 points is something that Coach Park Hang-SEO students need to be aimed at.Ro, this is the most difficult stage of the Vietnamese team under the Korean coach. 6 consecutive matches and no points in the World Cup 2022 qualifiers have a significant effect on the competition spirit of the players

.Aff Cup 2020 will be the opportunity for them to overcome the above difficulties. However, if it was a failure at the "Village Ao Village" tournament, the Vietnamese team could fall backwards. At that time, everything couldn't be a nice story for the whole team
Before aiming for the title of title, Vietnam's first match vs Laos need to ensure the "tail end" for the championship team. Male needs a victory on the day of the army. There are information that helps fans can be more confident about the Vietnamese team. Compared to 9 teams attending AFF Cup 2020, the Vietnam team has the best preparation. Particularly in 2021, thanks to participating in the second and third round of World Cup 2022, the Vietnamese team has 9 very quality matches with strong opponents from Asia. That does not only help the delegation Park Hang Seo's army maintained the form, the feeling of shadow but also completed the frame of the AFF Cup 2020. The other side of the war, the Lao team certainly did not put too heavy on the goal Because their opponents are the AFF Cup team. This team will put his expectations into Billy Ketkeophomphone. However, in fact, the appearance of the star played for many years in Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 of France was only the propulsion of the spirit for the Lao team. Billy body because of the sign of age (now 31 Age) plus a constant injury that causes him to leave the peak of the performance in 5-6 seasons recently
In the meantime, the Vietnamese team will probably have to solve the problem with the absence of Do Hung Dung in Current time. This pillar midfielder cannot obtain a tournament attendance despite almost recovering completely injury. Between Vietnam and Laos in the AFF Cup 2020 round framework will take place at 19:30 on 6 / 12/2021. Expected team Vietnam vs DaĐT Vietnam: Tran Nguyen Manh, Que Ngoc Hai, Bui Tien Dung, Do Duy Manh, Vu Van Thanh, Nguyen Phong Hong Duy, Nguyen Tuan Anh, Quang Hai, Hoang Duc, Nguyen Cong Phuong, Nguyen Tien Linh.ĐT Lao: Thiflavong, Siphongphan, PhetsiVilay, Pomsavanh, Keophouvong, Mitsada Saitaifah, KhochAlern, Vongchiengkham, Bounkong, Khounthoumphone, Ketkeophomphone.

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