Vietnam’s Satellite Will Fly Into Orbit With 8 Other Satellites

The center of the space (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology) said, on August 17, Nanodragon satellites due to the Vietnam Space Center (VNSC) officially handed over to Vu Vu Aviation Agency Japanese pillars (JAXA) at the Uchinoura Space Center Beach, Kagoshima Province, south of Japan. Before handing over, in 2 days 16 and 17/8, JAXA made the final inspection stages guaranteed Safety Run satellite such as shape, size, power supply system while launching ... According to JAXA, Nanodragon satellite expectations will be launched to trajectory before March 3/2022 under the program "Public performances Creative satellite technology 2 "

.tham launched with Vietnam satellites this time has all 9 satellites, including: 1 main satellite of JAXA, weighs about 100 kg (satellite Raise-2); 4 Micro class satellites (including: Hibari (55 kg) of the Tokyo Institute of Technology; Z-SAT (46 kg) of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries; Drums (62 kg) of Kawasaki Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. Teikyosat-4 (52 kg) of the University of Teikyo); 4 Cubesat class satellites (including: Nanodragon (3
8 kg) of VNSC in collaboration with Meisei Electronics Co., Ltd.; Asterisc (4 kg) of the Chiba Institute of Technology; Arica (1 kg) of Aoyama Gakuin University; Kosen-1 (3 kg) of Kochi National College. These satellites will be launched with Japan's 5 Epsilon missiles. Detailed launch schedule will be announced by Japanese aerospace agency Partners. Nanodragon's Cubesat satellite is 3.8 kg, with a standard 3U (100x100x340.5mm), is a product located in the small satellite development route "Made in Vietnam" VNSC aimed to implement "Scientific and Applied Science and Technology Applications Strategies to 2030" approved by the Prime Minister on February 4, 2021.Development, design, integration, trial The satellite function is completely implemented in Vietnam, by the researchers of VNSC.

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