Vinacapital Venture Investment Fund Poured Capital Into Startup Insurance Technology

Vinacapital Ventures - Venture Investment Fund specializing in technology startups, announced to invest in Globalcare, INSURTECH company provides solutions to serve sales and sales management of dealers and partners Business in the field of non-life insurance.Globalcare was founded by Ms. Dinh Thi Ngoc and co-founded in 2017. This is a creative foundation, supporting insurance companies (BH) and agents Distribution of insurance products through cloud computing technology solutions, helping to manage services, track transaction history, handle customer requirements and many other functions.GlobalCare connects 3,000 distributors Coordination, online transaction points and other service sharing platforms, are contributing significantly to the transformation process No

. 4.0 of the BH industry, through providing a complete technology solution for more than 10 distribution channels Large and 200,000 agents of Global Care's innovative solutions have turned the purchase of only a few minutes. Currently, customers can buy 15 different types of products through the platform of Globalcare, including health insurance, business interruptions, mobile phones, cars and personal accidents
Large insurance companies in Vietnam such as Bao Viet, PVI, PIT, PJICO, MIC and Liberty are all partners of Globalcare.Lye for the reason for pouring capital, Mr. Hoang Duc Trung, Director Vinacapital Ventures, said Globalcare The model of startup company that the Fund wants to invest. The company provides a product that addresses important bottlenecks in BH services, with a very clear and practical business plan, has the potential to expand itself, and have founders and executives Experienced. "The non-life insurance segment in Vietnam has reached about 2.3 billion USD in 2019. We believe GlobalCare has enough position to dominate a significant part of the expected growth of the industry Vietnam in the coming time, "said Trung sharing. Vinacapital Ventures was founded in 2018, invested in 11 startups in the field of technology. In addition, the Fund also invests in Zone Startups, one of the start-up accelerators (Accelerator) in supporting the development of startups in Vietnam.

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