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Vinaseed Group's rice varieties have been and continues to stand firmly in Quang Nam land, bringing joy to farmers, including the most difficult seasons in the area: 00/6: 01 South "Love "Between Vinaseed with Quang Over 15 years, in Quang Nam province is about that time, Quang Nam Central Seed Joint Stock Company (Vinaseed Quang Nam, unit of Vinaseed Group) loyal to porcelain Destiny serving farmers, not only in the province but also in the Central region - Central Highlands. A long process has passed, so far the goal has achieved positive results and is continuing to take longer steps. Rice rice is adapted in both summer and winter-spring crops, for productivity high. Photo: L.K

.When shows that these units' rice varieties go through each production crop trusted by farmers, expanding production. With the thought of "ing surely, durable" of the central people, so that they change their thinking, choosing to use newly put into production is not easy. So, the new rice varieties that Vinaseed Quang Nam led to farmers here to have a high-quality productivity and quality received such success
For the staff and staff of Vinaseed Quang Nam, blame Jobs are always placed on top. A rice variety before taking farmers to implement the model, must undergo the process of testing, rigorous selection. Unit with up to 17.5 hectares in Binh Trung commune (Thang Binh district, Quang Nam) is a place to test, choose the original line and breeding. Thanks, turn rice varieties like Thien Pros 8, VNR20, Bac Huong 9 , Huong Chau 6, VNR10 ... of Vinaseed Group began to be known. With productivity and advantages to outstanding rice varieties that local people often cultivate, the production area of Vinaseed Group's high quality, high quality rice varieties has been gradually expanded and present on many fields In the districts and cities in Quang Nam province. In that, Thien Primary 8 has long been too familiar to farmers in Quang
According to statistics, every year, Thien Quyen's seed production, Vinaseed Quang Nam provides this province to hundreds of tons. Thien Quyen 8 is extremely suitable in the winter-spring crop, there are places, productivity reaches more than 80 quintals / ha, good intensive can be up to over 90 quintals / ha. Rice rice ĐB6 has a heat resistance, Hard trees, less pests and diseases are one of the rice varieties of processing flow highly appreciated by farmers. Photo: L.K. With the summer-autumn crop in Quang Nam, almost any year production conditions are also very disadvantageous. Hot sun, salinity, male wind strong ... has greatly influenced the growth, development and productivity of rice. With the goal of helping farmers improve farming efficiency in the summer-autumn crop, Vinaseed Quang Nam has launched rice varieties with adaptability and stress. In which, it is necessary to include VNR20 and VNR10. The rice varieties "love, hardship" in the summer of the summer-autumn crop 2021, get the support of Quang Nam Central Seed Joint Stock Company, Ms. Tran Thi family Phuong (residing group 3, Vinh Xuan village, Binh Trung commune, Thang Binh district, Quang Nam) used varieties of VNR20 to cultivate over 3 sough (500m2) family of families. Ms. Phuong said that because the variety VNR20 has many high-yielding advantages, this is the fourth consecutive crop that she chose to go down. "Through many cases, I saw VnR20 very easy to cultivate, not losing much Squirrel and investment costs. Since production until now, I haven't seen like any kind of pests. Besides, VNR20 is still very hard tree, anti-breeding well, delicious rice quality and for high productivity. In particular, the same is suitable for producing 2 winter-spring crops and summer collection. The winter-spring crop My house yield was up to 88 quintals / ha while the summer crop reached 70 quintals / ha, "she was shared. Vnr20, a variety can adapt to both crops recently. Many people in Quang Nam mentioned VNR10. Through many demonstration models in lands in Quang Nam province, VNR10 has always brought very good results, properly appreciated by farmers. The first time approached and put into cultivation but When referring to the rice variety of VNR10, Mr. Thuong Van Hung (residing Lac Thanh Nam village, Dien Hong commune, Dien Ban Town, Quang Nam) excitedly said: 3 rods VNR10 of this Summer-autumn family will achieve productivity My Man. He has just finished harvesting, productivity up to 450 kg of fresh rice / rice (500m2) .Vinaseed gruop always constantly choose to create, bring rice varieties, quality to help farmers increase production efficiency From rice. Photo: L.K. In addition, this variety is well-resistant to adverse weather conditions, hard stems, standing firm before rain. The rice fields pillar and concentrate with long rice cotton, thick grain, less levied. "The first new variety I used but found very suitable for the locality, care process as well as other varieties. Therefore Wish that the company supports help with people to expand production, increase economic efficiency, "said Hung said. This summer 2021, another rice variety of VINAS

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