Vinh Thanh Achieved The Brand Of Livestock Eggs With The First Humanitarian Standard In Vietnam

Vinh Thanh Dat Food Joint Stock Company (V.FOOD), one of the leading processing units and provides clean poultry eggs in southern Vietnam, launching the brand of breeding chicken eggs Fairy - v.Food Cage-Free EGGS.0: 00/3: 38 Nu Southern region with this project, V.Food is a pioneered enterprise (DN) to participate in the global trend of humanitarian breeding chicken (Cage- Free EGGS)

. Thousands of hens are released from cramped cages in the first year of this project and will increase in the following years. Humane Society International (HSI), international organizations operating in the field of animal welfare, have accompanied V.Food in this Humanities project
Male, V.Food noticed that Cage-Free trends worldwide are growing very strongly. At the same time, business leaders have a vision, decided to change the method of raising hens laying eggs in narrow, crowded cages, currently, about 77 million hens in Vietnam are living in the type of environment. Livestock. With chicken egg brand V.Food Cage-Free Eggs, V.Food is the first enterprise in Vietnam with Certified Humane certification, one of the international certification organizations on humanitarian breeding with standards Comply with the Humane Farm Animal Care -HFAC (Humane Farm Animal Care -HFAC). Standard includes international standards in livestock in health, nutrition and taking care of hen lay eggs. V.Food Cage-Free Eggs launches today and the product will be soon on the shelf at the Large supermarket chain in Ho Chi Minh City
Unlike the packaging of traditional eggs with plastic, the egg box V.Food cage-free EGGS with paper, one more affirmed responsibility to the society, environment and communities of enterprises. Humanitarian in Dong Nai, with a total of 6,000 hens, annually provides about 1.5 million eggs annually. The 1-storey flooring, hens can show the behavior of the species behavior whenever they want, for example showering on the barn with rice husk, rest on the pokes. "We hope the product line New Cage-free egg eggs This Cage-Free EGGS will be supported by consumers, although the initial price of product costs are higher than the normal captive egg product line selling on the market today. With the support of customers, we believe that the number of hens is released from the increasing dates, and this is also an opportunity for Vietnam poultry livestock to keep up with the general trend in the region ", Mr. Truong Chi Thien, General Manager and Founder V.Food share. Chicken eggs v.Food Cage-Free Eggs "We are delighted when manufacturers and processing companies are beginning to solve The benefits of hens by switching to humanitarian breeding in Vietnam. HSI welcomed V.Food's transition. HSI committed to accompanying and ensuring that the pioneers in this trend will have the necessary tools and techniques in the transition process ... ", Ms. Le Thi Hang, managing the farm animal welfare program of HSI organization in Vietnam expressed. Also according to HSI representative in Vietnam, consumers play an important role in efforts to improve the lives of farm animals. "HSI urged consumers to choose livestock eggs according to humanitarian standards, small actions from customers meaning of greatly to bring more humanities to hens", Ms. Le Thi Hang Call the HSI organization operating based on scientific evidence and on the spirit of cooperation. HSI technical support for manufacturers and egg processing companies such as V.Food, including visiting learning advanced models, consulting, specialist connections and organizing annual technical workshops .V.Food companion the humanitarian egg breeding program and other large egg production companies in Southeast Asia such as CP, Betagro Thailand, Singapore Chews. This transition will meet the growing demand for breeding eggs according to the humanitarian farm of the food industry and the worldwide food industry. This is seen as part of the social responsibility policy of DN.

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