Vinh Thanh Forever Is Proud To Be Where Uncle Ho Visit

In the life of President Ho Chi Minh, Nghe An hometown is always in his heart. Whatever the circumstances, while traveled abroad save the country, or when in his capacity as President, chaos hundred termite worries, he still always remember home huong.Nguoi had 2 times to visit home, that was in 1957 and in 1961.Trong time to visit home in 1961, Yen Thanh district were honored to welcome him to visit the agricultural cooperative in Vinh Thanh. This is the cooperative farm Premium entire first commune of Nghe An province, a leader in the movement of crops, livestock, irrigation with more advanced models and the flagship of the movement for collectivization of agriculture Bac

.Bac Ho visited domain in Vinh Thanh commune, Yen Thanh. Photo: lieuQue incense etched NguoiTheo seniors word of Vinh Thanh Commune recalled that that morning, dated 12.10
1961 from the plane landed Ru Tower, who stepped down in khaki slacks gold paly, foot rubber slippers, shining countenance. Uncle of the people so simple, talking close, thuong.Khi talk to relatives of people Vinh Thanh Commune, but to praise the outstanding achievements of the Party and people of Vinh Thanh. Uncle Ho pointed out the limitations of local, things need to continue pushing for practical construction of socialism, such as irrigation, fertilizers, producing timely service, improved agricultural tools agricultural agricultural cooperatives nghiep.Bac Lake visit Vinh Thanh commune, Yen Thanh. Photo: Van TruongBac praised planting movement, but note must be put into movement planting of the whole people. Physician reminders, Party and people of Vinh Thanh need to focus on improving the role of the board in the process of building cooperation xa.Nguoi considerate and prompt the role of the Party Branch, in directing to improve production efficiency, "Branch must further strengthen the rural solidarity, making all cooperative members, all farmers excited, eagerly engaged in the production, practice thrift, development and strengthen the cooperative ". Uncle advised the local government is to care for the lives of the people, life has to be improved, everyone has rice saturated clothing. Vinh Thanh and to improve the way labor and production to maintain 3 movement to build rural cooperative, irrigation, reforestation
.. "On 10.12.1961 became a historical landmark, joy great pride of the Party and people of Vinh Thanh. Vinh Thanh always done well advised him Uncle. Maintain and promote, these achievements are, deserve to be one of the typical local Uncle visited. In two wars against the North American Imperialism, located between Highway 7 and roads also line 33, Vinh City is also one of the key guys thu.Lang bombardment of Vinh Tuy, Vinh Thanh commune, Yen Thanh many changes. Photo: Members CuongDuoi bombs rain storm of enemy bullets, Vinh Thanh People's morale remained "firm hand plow, make gunman". Medium production, both fighting and assist human power, the strength of the South. Youth Vinh Thanh has enthusiastically joined the army with 1689 people, 169 people participated in youth volunteers, 7351 immigrants the firing-line, including 215 martyrs who heroically sacrificed, 1 Hero of People's Armed forces and many injured, sick binh.Nham saved mementos, memorable images in the December 10, 1961 where Uncle visit Vinh Thanh commune. Government and people of Yen Thanh district was built where Uncle visited a memorial park showcases documents, artifacts, photos of Physicians and homeland Vinh Thanh Commune, Yen Thanh.Nha souvenir where Uncle visit Vinh Thanh commune, Yen Thanh. Photo: Van new homeland Truong.Doi thamHon Uncle about 60 years, the intense feeling of Uncle became the lodestar, strong motivation for the Party, government and people Yen Thanh district, commune Vinh Thanh overcome all hardships. Achieved significant accomplishments, has great significance in all fields, contributing to boosting the innovation, continue to implement and follow the ideological, moral, Bac.Vinh The season style lotus bloom. Photo: Van Truong.Xuat point from an agricultural commune with so many difficulties of a low-lying plains but with the determination, exploitation potential advantage - the advantage, determining the right strategy with roadmaps and appropriate steps, Vinh Thanh has created breakthrough rose, flourished, economic growth, year after year truoc.Dien village appearance changes each day, so far, almost all the villages of Vinh Thanh commune has been reaching out to the target model residential green, clean and beautiful. Vinh City is recognized as the new rural commune in 2017, currently continues striven to build new rural improve transport cao.He in Vinh Thanh is investing in sync. Photo: Van TruongTrong economic development, Vinh Thanh boldly restructuring of crops, livestock, construction intensive rice farming, intensive farming, rice on 500 hectares, valued economically, contributing to raising income. Exploiting the potential of economic development in camps, farms, up to this point all

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