Virtual Horse Pets With Blockchain Technology

Oly Sport's virtual horses have their own blood, with a particular genome and are cared for, nurturing on a virtual environment like in the real world.0: 00/2: 33 Nouthern region is a fan of that The "encrypted money", you will not be strange with Cryptokitties. This is a virtual cat farming game developed by a Canadian company since 2017. To participate in this game, each player must own a virtual cat. Thanks to the blockchain technology, each virtual cat of each is unique and has a record published publicly

. Players can also make money thanks to their breeding and selling their virtual cats. The idea of raising virtual cats initially not approved by many people, Cryptokitties later became a game to promote animal fever Virtual objects on the network environment. Virtual retreating virtual animal based on Blockchain technology is blooming recently
Photo: Trong achieved with the development of technology as well as the "encrypted money" community, not only virtual cats where virtual pig farming games, virtual dogs later were born. New, community gamers Blockchain also witnessed virtual horses that could also be nurtured on the network environment. They are Oly Sport products - a Startup also comes from Canada similar to Axiom Zen of Cryptokitties. In this manufacturer's Blockchain game, every virtual horse is certified and exists as NFT (Non-Fungible Token - Token cannot be replaced). They have their own bloodstreams created by complex algorithms. As a result, every horse in Oly Sport's game is unique, unable to copy or touch. Also like in real life, gamers will have to take care of the virtual horses by lift, lifting Case level. "Let your NFT horse work well, you have to spend time with it, you have to feed it.", Jimmy Chan - the founder of the Oly Sport game shared on Sportico. in the virtual world, players also Must take care of the horse, feeding and mixing the same as in real life
In this game, gamers can also breed horses by combining the genes of 2 dads and mother to produce a horse virtual. To increase the appeal for the game, the developer also organizes horse racing tournaments so their gamers can compare, see who the virtual horse of the fastest. Not only stops here, Oly Sport also intends Sell plots in their virtual world. By owning the land, players can actively source separate feeds for virtual horses. A virtual lot in the recent Axie Infinity game has been successfully sold for $ 2.5 million. So, selling lands or virtual cats, virtual horses are no longer strange on the "encrypted money" market. With the appearance of more and more new products and services, yes It is important to see a new economic sector, the virtual economy is clearly impressing the Blockchain technology platform. This may be the main trend of the future when coming here, everything external outside the real world can put on the virtual universe Metaverse.

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