Virtual Real Estate Fever On Nft Platform

According to Lawyer Nguyen Van Loc, buying real estate (real estate) on the Blockchain platform is not real estate business, which can be financial investment or just speculation on the technology platform: 00: 00/5: 56 Southern NFT fever has been bringing a new playground for virtual real estate. Source: Internet) NFT Real Estate: A new type of asset traditional real estate market which is considered a long-standing business in the world. But so far, the virtual real estate market is emerging and developed with a dizzying speed. Then, the NFT fever - the property through the form of a notable token, has been bringing a new playground for real estate virtual. A name must include Next Earth, the virtual copy of the earth on the Blockchain platform, maintaining a virtual land owner community, combining itself in different fields and authority related activities Organic land in a game script

. Next Earth sold the NFT-based real estate worth over $ 1.3 million in the world's first offering. Can see, the virtual home is a symbol, just as the ownership of a car or property In the real world and bring the sense of ownership that many people want
With so many NFT collections are sold, not surprising that this trend is starting on a large scale, from gamers to artists, to sports fans and many other social classes participating . Only for a few years, people have witnessed the rapid explosion and growth of NFT. By 2020, it is estimated that about US $ 13 million in total sales between all virtual worlds based on blockchain and digital economies, including all notable token. By the first half of this year, that number increased to $ 2.5 billion. Collection is always a common investment, from baseball cards to stamps and coins, people are attracted by them to provide a warehouse. Store tangible values, scarcity and can be easily collected by investors. According to an analytical blockchain expert, when considering investing in the NFT, people should consider whether the investment Is it suitable to value and benefits. This extends to the concept of virtual real estate, because all investors want to feel like at home, whether it is the emergence of Metaverse - True Virtual Universe, the virtual world has existed in Many decades, but only recently the term Metaverse is commonly used. Initially because Neal Stephenson was set in the science fiction novel "Snow Crash" in 1992, Metaverse refers to a virtual universe created by computers, which exists in parallel with the real world, where people have Can rewrite social standards in it
Recent years, vision of Metaverse as a digital space connected together has become a reality, with the rise of blockchain-based platforms like Next Earth. Therefore, virtual real estate is also increasingly valuable, when many people belong to all different levels take the time for them. Since then has created a large demand for virtual real estate assets on these platforms and increasing prices across the entire NFT market. Others, NFT will also play an important role in Metaverse, allowing People fully own the characters, the items accumulated in the game and even virtual lands. Over, a virtual real estate NFT consists of 259 land plots in Decentraand have been sold for more than $ 900,000. Gradually, virtual universes will interact with each other, players can buy and sell virtual goods from different virtual games and universes on markets. Thus, digital money can become the only currency used in Metaverse, with all virtual objects and invisible items shown as NFT.James Basnett, CEO of Shape, A 3D and NFT company specializing in virtual world development said: "Taken of real estate allows investors to easily own shares, but certainly have some challenges with local government policies as well. The general policy on whether Token is eligible for security or not ".Bastnett spent 15 years to work in this emerging technology sector and consider tokenization to create" a financial asset can self Dynamic connection with the Internet market ", this will encourage global buyers. Basnett said that the value of virtual real estate is like traditional real estate, it depends on factors such as the amount of online visitors. Partial ownership can be an option for people who cannot buy traditional ways, or those who want to buy real estate anywhere in the world. Risks about the legal or wide virtual real estate fever Moreover, the virtual universe is raising any concern for investors when participating in this playground? Share with press, Lawyer Nguyen Van Loc, President LP Group said, when one side of Blockchain said it owns real estate, it is necessary to determine if they are legal status to own real estate or receive trust Do not. For example, a technology foundation that owners register for business abroad, without legal entities in Vietnam, do they own real estate with their status? "Real estate is considered prestigious

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