Visit Outstanding Architectural Works In Seville, Spain

Once recognized as one of the most beautiful cities on the planet, the most beautiful buildings and architecture in Seville is the favorite destination of Spanish tourists.0: 00/3: 16 nam1. Sevilllehttps: // Church of Seville is located in Seville city of Spain, with an internal area of 11,520 m2

. At the same time it was recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage in Spain and the third largest church in the world. It is also the last resting place of the great adventurer Christopher Columbus Genova.https: //dulich Plaza de Espanahttps: // School in Seville city is officially completed the final construction steps in 1928, becoming one of the most unique architectural works in the world . With a beautiful scenery, one side is an ancient semicircle building, one side is a creek flowing along the rocky shore. The Plaza de Espana is one of the places attracting Eastern tourists The most island of the Spanish country, only behind football cities like Barcelona and Madrid are majestic opponents with all tourist sites in the world.3. Metropol Parasolhttps: //dulich.petrotimes
vn/Metropol Parasol is a beautiful wooden architecture masterpiece by German architect Jurgeb Mayer-Hermann. Metropol Parasol looks like a broken structure from thousands of ice cream sticks. But it is essentially a wooden building, which is coated with special lake. The Spanish people are proud to be the world's largest structured wooden building in the world. Https: // This field carries the combined structure and become a symbol, Seville's urban center. These stalks become a contemporary landmark and symbol of contemporary harmony between tradition and modern.https: // Casa de Pilatoshttps: // is considered the most beautiful supply of Andalusian region of the South Spain's autonomous community. Designed by Architect Genoa Antonio Maria Aprile in 1529 with the name "Pilate House" named after the Owner's son was originally Fadrique Enriquez de Rivera, who made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem into In 1519.https: // electricity with outstanding architecture includes a series of cow fightes of Francisco Goya, 16th-century marble gate and stylized ceiling in the form of a group bee mudéjar. Currently, this palace is owned by the MedinaCeli family and is open to visitors to visit.5. ItalicHttps: // not the most beautiful architecture in Seville but located in the suburbs of Santiponce, ancient Roman city, but Italica is still a worthy stop to visit. This is the first Roman settlement in Spain and is surprising that the ancient architecture is still preserved spectacular conservation through centuries.https: // was established in 206 previous Public and excavated in the 19th century, this ancient Roman city is proud to own the original paved roads, a lecture hall, a water bridge, some houses and many mosaic paintings Nice.6. Salvadorhttps: // Church of Salvador is one of the oldest churches in Seville, Spain with the classic and traditional features of Catholics here.https: / / Church of Salvador built in the 16-17 century, located in the center of Venice, near Rialto Bridge is a prominent symbol of Renaissance art. The church is quite small but is an extremely sacred and revered place. Inside the church impressed by the spaciousness of the main hall, along with light from the lanterns in three arches. However, artworks decorated with San Salvador create a warmth for churches. Huong

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