Visit Phu Quoc Prison Relic: Warm Revolutionary Steel Kiln Between ‘hell Hell’

Phu Quoc Prison Located in An Thoi Town, Phu Quoc District (Kien Giang) is a national historical relic rate ranked in 1993. This is a typical gathering place for the crime of colonial regimes, insole National. Here the enemies are free to raise many types of human bepels in the dark: 00/13: Southern Vietnam is a brutal blood thirsty names, they have a lot of torture torture torture tricks Therefore more than 4,000 people have sacrificed in prison. But with the will of resilience, courageous, intrigue, the prisoners have copied them in many forms of struggle from low to high, fertilizing enemy ranks, killing evils, organizing prisoners etc.

. Phu Quoc prison is really a verifiable evidence that marks the cruel crime of aggressions, and speaks of indomitable spirit to fight resilience of the revolutionary soldiers. From the French colonial Next to the US-Wei, Phu Quoc prison existed for 20 years (1953 - 1973). From a prison with a scale of nearly 500 prisons far now only 4 original houses with some gates offered, set Church door frame and stone backgrounds
In recent years, Kien Giang province has recovered, embellished a number of construction items such as 5 prefabricated houses including prisoners, cafes, kitchens and two guardians of supervisors; Restoring the underground road escape, a piece of barbed fence like the old, soup, tiger cages, memorials in the geographic geeseed and additional exhibition monuments ... In 2005 these items were completed Entering the activities to serve visitors so far have hundreds of thousands of people visiting relics. Bosenkham Vongdara - Minister of Culture and Information and Tourism of Lao PDR Lao visits Phu Quoc prison relic on April 16 /2016.1. Phu Quoc Prison Time of French colonialism: The early 20th century when the French colonialists exploited in Indochina, they take over a thousand people who are Phu from Tonkin and Trung Ky into Phu Quoc, which explores the land to establish plantation Coconut, rubber. The family was concentrated in the camps of plantations with guards. Their lives were flooded, extremely miserable, like prisoners to exile. The August Revolution 1945 victory, the life of Phu Quoc was liberated
But in September 1946, the French colonialists returned to occupy Phu Quoc.Can, the Empire to choose Phu Quoc to set up the largest prison in Southeast Asia, imprisoning revolutionary soldiers because Phu Quoc has a military war position Comb, is the island far away from the land, far from the center of residential, cultural and cultural centers, far from the press agencies speech, so that they are easy to sue. Prisoners are also difficult to escape. Between 1953 after The National Military Mathematics of the Party withdraws a different place, France uses this barracks to build a prison, called a coconut tree stretch with an area of about 40 hectares. The rectangular prison, divided into four camps A, B, C, D is adjacent to each other. The belt surrounds the coconut tree area for people. Full stress has thick barbed fence surrounded. On the barbed barbed fence with ceiling wires and protective lights. Frequent watches have guards. Each port has a weekly soldier equipped with submissions and rifles. The outer rim of the headquarters and the camps have a battle. The number of prisoners during this time is about 6,000 people mainly from the mainland. By April 1954, about 14,000 in prisoners were men. The set of coconut trees has led prisoners to fight and organize activities in prison, writing secretorism, organizing Passover many times to win. Only in July 1953 to September 1953, there were five large prisoners apart from sporadic crossing. On September 8, 1953 there were 54 people who went to work outside the camp robbed the gun of 15 non-escape soldiers to escape 51 people. Most of this brothers and then joined the Phu Quoc team, only a month later participated in excellent steep kick battle. The Geneve Agreement was signed (7/1954) TA and France to return to the prisoners, the number of prisoners in Phu Quoc prison was also returned to TA.2. Saigon repeated the house of coconut tree that they called a coconut tree training camp. The camp occupies an area of more than 20,000 m2. Around the camp there are three barbed wire fences certainly 2.6m high. There are 14 watchtowers. Phu Quoc Prison in this period also has a secret party organization that works secretly and leaders in prisoners. We also caught the three inlands deep in enemy ranks, so we can regularly take medicine, news in prison. Since 1957 enemy prison Politics in Con Dao, and Phu Quoc only detained prisoners. After Dong Khoi 1960, the martial arts struggle of the people developed widely, the level of fierce and fierce war, especially from after the US troops jumped into the South (1965) to conduct a local war. The house of coconut tree was shipped to the construction in An Thoi valley lasting 5 kilometers. The prison scene: New camp has 6 zones. After 1968, the enemy expanded to 11 zones, but the 11th area was not used. Each detention camp is divided into 4 subdivision A, B, C, D, every subdivision has 9 to 18 prisoners, each house is 20m long, 5m wide for 80 to 120 people. Total has up to 400 houses, walls with tin corrugated iron, tin roofs,

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