Volcano In Spain Wakes Up After 50 Years, 1,300 People Must Evacuate

Cumbre Vieja volcano on La Palma tourism island of Spain on September 19 erupted the first floor in 50 years, causing about 1,300 people on the island to be preliminary instance.02 / 1: 14 male images images Recording is shown, huge smoke columns, ash ash as well as lava eruption from many points of the volcano. Local authorities have asked people to be extremely cautious and stay away from the area to avoid any unworthy risk. The report was raised to the maximum and last night (September 19), authorities Only evacuated about 1,300 people living in the villages near the most craters to the safe place. Some houses have been affected by lava, while some routes are blocked

. Spanish fire bag wake up after 50 years, 1,300 people have to evacuate. Photo: Then News 24Theo forecast of the La Palma government, the explosive lava from the volcano is expected to face the sea, passing through the areas is now evacuated, but this area has many trees so very Easy to lead to fire. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez suspended the trip to New York to get to the scene and directly evaluated the situation
200 Security Officers have also been mobilized to the region to support evacuation. Cumbre Vieja Fire Bag has been placed in a warning status for a long week, due to strong geological activities. The most recent eruption of the volcano was in 1971 / .Thu Hoai / VOV1 (translation) according to AFP

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