Volvo Summoned Nearly Half A Million Cars Over 10 Years Old

The recent airbag error causes Volvo to summon nearly half a million cars produced from 2001 to 2009 on the Global.02: 00/1: 42 Nouthern National Road Traffic Safety Agency (NHTSA) Report 199,383 Volvo Sedan in the US, produced from 2001 to 2009. These cars are affected by an explosive airbag error and a fatal case reported regarding the problem This. Can create dust. This dust can increase the surface area and the boom speed, leading to high pressure in the combustion chamber of the gas pump, causing the risk of breaking this department, causing the driver with metal pieces from the gas pump

.TA said: "In the event of a collision and airbag activated by the driver, the driver may have debris from the splashing gas pump cluster can cause serious injury or death" .volvo s80 Affected by this airbag error. This issue seems to be quite similar to the Takata airbag error that causes more than 67 million cars, but according to the documents published by the NHTSA, the gas pump of the Volvo cars is summoned This phase provided by Autoliv and ZF
Theo CNBC, there were more than 460,000 Volvo cars affected by airbags worldwide during this summoning. To overcome, the airline will replace the driver's side of the driver on all cars affected. In that, car owners in the US will receive a notice of summoning on November 29, 2021 and Can actively contact the agent to look up details. Hoangtheo carscoops

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