Volvo Xc90 Will Be Renamed To Embla 2022 Completely New

As announced in May 7/2021 Recharge Concept, Volvo also said that the name of its cars in the future will change and Embla will be new models Hakan Samuelsson Executive nhat.Giam share with Automotive News Europe, name in alphanumeric oldest Volvo will terminate and replace by calling with a vowel. According to the Australian publication Drive, Volvo Cars has also registered international trademark protection for the name Embla into last October. This is also the first brand of Volvo starts with a vowel. And also many rumors Embla will be used to replace the name Volvo XC90 electric version completed toan

.Ve origin, Embla is the name of the first woman in Norse mythology, also can be seen as part of Swedish origin Volvo.Va pure electric SUV Volvo prepares launch electric vehicle EV is the company's first, was inspired Concept Recharge.Ong Samuelsson said Embla will be the line Volvo's pioneering electric car with a flat floor design, interior three rows of seats with a high seating position, and do not have any similarity with conventional gasoline vehicles entirely new thong
Volvo Embla will also have a variable twins can sportier brand called Polestar Polestar and 3. all versions are fitted as standard LiDAR sensor, one of the most modern technology in the automotive industry will also present nay.Embla development platform based on the latest SPA2, while the platform's newest architectural SEA Geely Volvo is also possible to take dung.V Whether à-based platform, we also need to wait 3 Embla and Polestar Volvo launched in 2022 said the two new models will be produced at the plant in South Carolina Ridgeville, My.Samuelsson added: "Volvo Embla electric will be the perfect car for the European and American family, the importance of the XC90 markets. With sweeping views, comfortable sitting position, you will get the strange feeling great, no regrets because sitting in an electric car ".Video: Introduction Volvo V90 Cross Country details 2022.Thanh Nguyen

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