Vu Ha: ‘the Wife Is Older Than Me But Children, Or Jealousy’

Vu Ha acknowledged between himself and his wife opposite personality completely. He tried to reconcile, spoiled wife, knowing she sensitive properties, or ghen.0: 00/3: domain 52Nu quite full enough time the next year should not pursue it giChia told VietNamNet, Vu Ha tells his life instead change much after translation. During the past half year, the singer practicing singing around the house, take garden or in the kitchen cooking with his wife .

.. He spends more time for family and enlist do things not previously done so busy Ha forging .Vu positive thinking, optimistic after phase spacing spacing communal society hoi
Tu day, Vu Ha also set "slow living", contemplate the relationship around. Male singer told you so afraid to talk about what should always told our grief must always cheerful. According to vocalist born in 1969, learning how to balance, forging active lifestyle is also a way for everyone to find the source of light between stuffy air of modern life. "Life is busy themselves on me, I little love and attention for those who love. When consciousness survival now only separated by inches, I do not allow myself to neglect them. Moments of peace inside relatives, friends ... and enjoy life is something I always yearned for this moment, "he said noi.Nam singer at home thanks to long, his health improved significantly
Every morning, he steadily gym, jogging helps muscle growth and strength. Due diligence exercise, Vu Ha felt his spirit is always in a state of energetic despite finishing outside 50.Vu Ha's compilation album of hits in his career, is expected out in Lunar New Year HCMC 2022.Khi spacing gradually removed, Vu Ha with artists received invitations from some stage, gameshow. Recording work must comply with the principle 5K, people in the studio to present a green card, rapid tests Covid-19.Xong disturbance profession but Vu Ha admits he is past the time set ambitious career, money User top. Male singers selected to appear in every program, appropriate stage. You see this is the respect for the audience, as well as to preserve its reputation after 20 years of occupation. "Age 52, my life is full enough so almost did not want to pursue anything. I'm not too rich, but famous enough food and clothing, a happy family and a stable career. Such is enough! "He noi.Toi injured wife to see her grow old each stage ngayVu Ha told him exciting, how much cheerleading as quiet back home much. Male singers are always aware of her husband should always commandments themselves to fulfill their obligations and responsibilities with your partner. Likewise, nearly 30 years of marriage he and his wife always harmonious, joyous sound Ha cuoi.Vu between him and his wife admit opposites personality completely. Older wife but the childlike personality and very jealous. Meanwhile, the singer, despite the youthful style, but thoughtful. "Marriage is happy or not coming from the couple. Not by age, older or most important differences which must be respected, know each other think. Women tend to age faster than men, bigger than my wife. When looking old wife every day, I told myself to love her more. In contrast, my wife found the psychological time, loved the afternoon should no longer be jealous anymore, "he explains bach.Vu Ha and wife have a good marriage despite being surrounded by people always phi.Du always tight market language, marital Vu Ha has not been without controversy. Vocalist Love is the heart of the self he fears most is to make the wife upset. Therefore, for many years he always encourages his wife ignore the scrutiny. singer also limits his wife posted pictures on social networks to avoid affected her life huong.Vu Ha glad just been promoted to "grandfather" .Gan 30 years together, the couple south singer still happy, though no human sight. Both received a nephew of the wife, adoption, care for small to lon.Cau adopted son of Ha Vu was married, has two sons born months. Male singer said he did not know the feelings expressed his delight how they are promoted to grandfather at age 52. "After the miscarriages, my wife and I also accept old age is only two people rely on each other . But God injured us m One person filial children. Now it is our children have been my daughter. Hear the laughter of a child crying too happy then, "he said about his wife noi.Vu Ha divided: Tuan Chieu

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