Vu Khac Tiep Hóa Lingerie Shows Her Body Milem, The Netizens Laughs, Doubt Fake Goods

Vu Khac Tiep mang showing off the body of the body, but Netizen said that this can be Photoshop.0: 00/0: 26 men's ways of stretching ways, many people will fall into weight over weight because eating too much, But with Vu Khac Tiep another again. Newly here, he gourd long legs made the audience unexpectedly when he posted a photo of Milem body. Only every internal medicine, revealing the toned shape, the 6-piece durian belly zeales blocked. The picture is shared with the time ago 1 year ago, Ngoc Trinh's friends made the audience burn when they show off Body MLEM in a little pants

. Before that, many times Vu Khac Czech caused fever with the photos showing the body firm, solid. But the belly details, the chest is unnatural, looks like it has been adjusted Fix the computer.Body solid crowns, the muscles of rolling, but the belly is like "drawing", not naturally
In the GYM room like that. A photo was "dig up" Netzen, showing the stretched belly of Vu Khac Czech in 1 year ago. The abdomen did not know the "Mechanical" or "fat"?

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