Vu Lan Has A Mother

After the most dexterious sick matches, I'm lucky to escape the death. The whole family celebrated and assigned to each other for a few days or she was several three days, but I didn't have to rent a job, threatened to hire anyone to come. Correct! 0:00 / 3: 25 nam1. U tees from the baby, the older the older age, the sickness is unconscious, but the province is to demand a lotion to rub the face. U Teach: Last up, you have to rub your face, rub your belly, then do what you do

. I just looked at each other covering each other and asking to smile, but I didn't dare to say anything. East sister's sister, so every time you meet showing off her dress. Sisters, also know a little bit of chopping (a tailor one season), so each time it is to make the whole lot of nearly two dozen colors
U see the pile of dresses pouted in the lips smoothly: the skirt with rolls, sitting is tight.! I'm so funny: where, I see it, I'm wearing a whole pants Here this! Having the day he had been lucky with the right skirt, wearing it, I said, I said, looking at you like her honeycomb. Wearing long pants, said: The turn was like a washing skirt, at home, wearing shorts, he also criticized: Baby legs like the toothpicks also racing off ... 2. I went cold, my brother immediately bought the market for 3 felt pants, told me to try it like a thick sound like this. I teased; Or a bikini mother. The momentum begins with the time back to the past decades ago. That is that, I just tolerate your father, but your father and death are both poor, and I don't know how many people come to ask
She with him the same age, a few dozen years ago, the age of 20 years old took it, was considered a girl, she was showing off, I was able to show it, I wanted to have a long time, I didn't believe you asked your father Which view. Harily, my father died until a ten years now. There are dark sisters called, thinking, rushing to come, she said: I just made my poetry to give my mother, let me read it to her. If I sat and watched the television laughing to praise: Its poetry or so, but I didn't know any word. The whole house is eating dinner, the story of the other, the son of the Religion of U shows off: I opened the network and saw her search history: Let me listen to the Buddhist scriptures, let me listen to the Buddhist Buddha, I said I like to listen to the recitation of Buddha with a bird and the fairy flying out ... the whole house is laughing. I told me to be very smart to make her invest in an iPad. Every day open Nam Mo Amitabha Buddha and sing along. U Getting all the sisters, if anyone arrives must practice singing with U. Many days, the shady house is in terms of sorranside, each with a voice, low, the different types of things but u I have satisfied. I don't know after nearly 4 months of studying Amitabha Buddha, u have been sentenced yet.4. Disease, how to li society, the sisters don't come to get u alone with my daughter-in-law. Every day, I also sent u I was surfing the iPad like a real. She said, yesterday, u bringing the machine to the worship room, and even opened the device, but the two songs were unrelated to each other. The 4th sister said: Opening disco music for a healthy fitness dance, U Bao: Mother's feet are weak, don't dance anymore ha ha. What day are your children who also shape the story of U. Tonight What to eat, hear anything that rang up. This morning, the sister-in-law shows a picture and informs: u switch to listen to Trinh music, it must be posted: Cat dusty !!!!!! Overall, just hope for you to live on your child, a little bit, then remember Remember forgot to forget, no problem. And she is all there and all, and where there is a place, and the place where a little angry when life is too much storm.

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