Vu Lan Season Emotions: Letter Sent Three

Yesterday received a three-death belief. I was startled, while loving her steps, loving you, and I just feared 'how long the cry to me?' ... "Today

... I have never stopped on the polite street
Through Phoai Lost Mother? Why are you panic and how long do you cry? "(Poetry Do Trung Quan) yesterday received a three-way news. I was startled, warm, loved you, I just feared "How long does it take to cry?". Then memories rushed back in children as a slow film roll ... on the decades of 70, multi The number of people in the middle of the new economy, into the South to reclaim and cultivate. Three has a lot of west of the river, the choice of three is simple - where rice will be satisfied. Then child is 3 years old but daily must follow the market. Rowing paddle tens of new kilometers to get to the place to exchange goods every day. Around the house is the immense water river, so only 2 years in this place, children are not less than 10 times drowning: heavy, light enough
But perhaps the big network or weighs the deadly debt so they all escape, plating and the brothers and sisters around the year of floods with farmers and fishing. The capital has been grown with the triangle with many years (ever as a Buddhist family's chief), so it shows that the police took place daily attached to life, three could not stand it. More, I saw the youngest child that the three most cuddled constantly died, so three decisions abandoned this place to migrate again. Risrance continued with difficulties and piling up. The poverty, the suffering of the evil monster disease without the money for treatment and plating is not enough to fight against it, so he died. A three of them stooped in Dong Nai, making all jobs to live and raise The children. Insuccessful May, the meals often padded more potatoes, cassava is the main day, the day gets the "crystal" rice cup, celebrating the tears. Every meal, three sit like potatoes, cassava in advance, cede the particles White rice is a little bit and a lot of images printed deep in my heart until now that I cannot tell. The only thing I want to say is "I thank you!" The greatest father. Three sacrificing a life of 7 children. In particular, the three are the one who scits for me. Three often says: "The child will be able to get a better than hit the number Buddha ". The way of practicing and causing the Buddhism of their children is probably largely thanks to the virtue of Ba.Khi heard the belief lost, fear where the child suddenly suddenly knew that" birth - death However, she is also a great father like three when he has given 2 children and the end of his life and the end of his life, so it is so go to the last minute of death to go very gently in the language of Buddha's recognition. Try to recite Buddha and practice to end life , Three is so gentle! In every practice of your child's practice or every time I do healing things, I have a lot of merit for the past three years of this year, the Buddha of the Buddha for three healthy. You need three to rely on. Hien smile from the three in every call "Group" family always adds to the peace energy source. Of the three, like female wishes to write about the emotion of your Vu Lan season please send to email onlinegiacngo @,, will be selected published on online enlightenment and enlightened printing newspaper (topic Please write: Vu Lan season). Prepare

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