Vu Lan Season, Rich Hunting Vegetarian Mushrooms Have A Price That Poor Houses Don’t Dare To Think About

Vietnamese rich houses currently transmitted each other about Tung Nhung mushrooms costing up to VND 30 million / kg are advertised to have 18 vitamins and contain a lot of nutrients. Use a lot in the soul month, Vu Lan season for processing a lot of dishes, nutritious, delicious. Affordable mushrooms are only a few hundred thousand VND / kg, but the spare mushroom has a terrible price, selling gender for nearly 5 gold / kg. On the world, about 100 fungi can eat and make medicine. Particularly in Japan with Matsutare, Vietnamese people called extremely rare and nutritious spare mushrooms, nutritious, only growing on Vu Lan holidays (around August) on large pine roots in red pine forests

. This type of fungus is very difficult to find it very difficult to find, shrinking the soil and soil layer to find this quarter. The price is so expensive but the need to buy velvet spare mushrooms (Matsutake) in July lunar calendars still rise. Because the harvest season is correct on the occasion of the Vu Lan, this food is considered a fine vegetarian dish of gourthers
The spike spare mushroom is preferred to buy the most fresh mushrooms and dried mushrooms. Prices of fresh kilos of fresh mushrooms range at VND 18-20 million, dry mushrooms 30 million. But this year due to the impact of Covid-19, transported by air is difficult, so prices rise first. Currently, fresh mushrooms imported about VND 23-25 million, dry mushrooms are VND 35-40 million, even "recruitment" prices up to VND 45 million per kilogram. Since it is a rare, rare and rare goods, the trafficking terms only dare to enter the small number, the rest of the guests must be placed, it is only available. In Japanese Deep Mountains. Mushrooms are brown, so it is quite similar to the color of codes and soil colors, so it is difficult to search. For a year, the tree only grows only in August and the place to sprout later has never added any other mushrooms. Outer velvet velvet is quite large, the body is about 8-10cm tall, The tip is from 5 to 20cm wide. White spores, round pyramid hats, thick flesh and smells of self-timber
And in the fungus contains about 18 vitamins, typical such as Group B1, B2, E and possessing a large amount of protein, micro and fiber. Tai is a nutritious food, Tung Nhung is also known as a remedy Precious use in wore medicine. The substances in mushrooms are capable of preventing and supporting treatment of some diseases. So many Vietnamese rich houses are willing to withdraw tens of millions of dong to buy the spanking fungus. Other with common types, when processing Japanese mushrooms only need to remove the substance, use a clean towel to clean the shell and true part Fast to avoid loss of odor. In addition to cooking mushroom soups, it is possible to make vegetarian hotpot, grilled flower or eat with white rice. In Vietnam, Tung Son Nhung Tung Son is also a particularly rare type: This fungus grows on pine forests (Tung) Ancient, on high mountain peaks 3,500 m or more. In 1 year from 7 to 10 days of snow, it was the moment the mushroom grows up. This fungus is a progressive product of local mushrooms. Velvet spare mushrooms are distributed on the top of the mountain of Hoang Lien Son of our country, but there are ideas that that mushrooms are not Japanese but new mushrooms. The new mushrooms are brown like category and soil color only grows on the occasion In August, and the end of August they did not grow again. In the place where mushrooms grown will never have a mushroom for a second mushroom. People still cannot grow this fungus that can only be harvested in nature, so that mushrooms are very rare. Matsutake or mushrooms Tung Nhung is a fungus that is often found in the forests around the year of cloudy, snow, high humidity, from the sea level from 2,500 meters, like Japan, Korea, China, Bhutan ... at These countries, Matsutake mushrooms are often considered rare mushrooms used for gifts. But Matsutake mushrooms become famous and well known through Japanese dishes. They have specific, fragrant, thick meat, crispy and sweet bars. (Family and society)

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