Vu Quan Dinh – From 0, Spend Money, Success With Private Online Empire

There are people born and mature to make a professional startup character and talented. In it, mentioned Vu Quan Quan Quyen with the original capital initially to create its own e-commerce website, ads for self-employment. Up to now, the 9X young man has succeeded himself thanks to the passion and ambitions of themselves.0: 00/3: 25 Nouthern Nuoc Du Quoc Dinh renouncing a high salary to pursue the construction of "Empire" online for Self-national births in 1994 and grow up in Nam Dinh. In 2016, he graduated from the University of English, Hanoi Open University with a good average, but that was not a barrier to limit the opportunity of herself

.Nay from the end of the 3rd year of university, Vu Quoc The decision has decided to study and do to get more income. At the tourism company, Quartets just go to school and accumulate a lot of experience on Facebook marketing, Google, .
. Also proficiently many design software and Analytics software. It is these experiences that helped this 9x boy developed a brightening of the current price. In the working time, the national has developed a number of mindful projects, bringing good results to the company. Marketing project can be mentioned for the Southeast Asian tour website for South African customers and web projects to sell luxury yacht tours in Myanmar.This are the leading projects in the tourism market ranks very little Readers are willing to rush. Dinh was involved from the first stage Website design to the programming code programming function to get the highest efficiency. It is the results from the project that helped his company build and develop brands as well as names in this market. Do not like an agreement, between 2018, Vu Quoc Dinh feels no longer suitable for the lips This school, decided to head for Moc An Natural Cosmetics Company. With talent and experience, the 9X guy received a double salary in the old company, while accumulating other skills in the work
The product is a completely different career with capital use From the Department of Faculty of Faculty, however, nationally adapted to the job very quickly. In addition, the consultancy, support and contribution of the company leader should after about 5 months, he helped the company push the monthly sales of lipsticks to 8 numbers. The daily marketing for the company's website and fanpage, free time, and it is about to learn more about MMO-POD, a field that gives you inspires especially interested. With nature do not want confusion, Sitting a position for 8 hours for the daily work, in 2019, he decided to risk removing "safe zone", with a high salary to create its own online empire. His, he also spends the money to accumulate, although not much, to start building. The cost for ads is probably the most consumed thing for this risk. There are times with words but sometimes losses almost all capital. However, what makes Vu Quoc Dinh fascinated to manage his time, more proactively, no resting such as traditional office environment. Even when he had thought it would go to the Grab if Failure lost all money to preserve that freedom. Life nothing can cause young men to be frustrated, only after a short time, Vu Quat Dinh brings quite a stable revenue to help her life Body became easier and even brought the opportunity to work for some close friends today, Vu Quat Dinh had more than 2 years of attachment to this work, passion for him to make him hard to work and not see tired. Perhaps it helped him get the success but perhaps many people also wished. To learn more about how to create a website, readers contact the 9x Vu Quadified boy under Facebook: https: // www / BrianVU1994

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