Vung Tau In Green, Desolate And Beautiful In The Middle Of The Covid-19 Season

Not a tourist, the sea of Vung Tau becomes in green, fresh air, wild trees grown on the sandy beach and the monkeys on the mountains rushed down the sugar to eat 9: 00/1: 03 nam south of the picture of Vung Tau absent British summer people threw attention on tourism forums. After nearly 3 months prohibiting bathing to prevent epidemics, the beaches in Vung Tau are not a tourist. People at home according to Directive 16. The sea becomes in green, wild trees start growing on the sand. Duy shared, born and raised in Vung Tau, maybe this is the year he feels strange Best by the coastal city is too quiet in the summer - Peak tourist season

. The person who works for tourism services, for rent nearly 20 resort villas in Vung Tau, the business of Duy is heavily affected. In May and 6, British companies were heavy due to no tourists. In July, maintaining directions for local guests and oil and gas experts to avoid translation
But he still holds through the 4th epidemic, maintaining jobs for employees in difficult times. Last grounds also known as Thuy Van Beach, located in the southeast of the city, lasting about 8 km from small mountain foot to the door, which is one of the popular bathrooms in Vung Tau. Not only holidays, weekends that dimensions are in the week, this place is concentrated by local people and visitors, especially in the summer. However, the tent ranges, even though the coastal goods have lined up more than 2 months today. The flagpole pole in the back yard is the point of gathering the young people in Vung Tau every afternoon. Now the pillars are lonely, surrounding not the ball. Fixed on the lobe curve ran along the back yard, one of the leaning and bustling roads to late at night before translation. This point cannot be out, Only photographed with Flycam at home. Standing on the roof of the apartment opposite his sea, only for the camera to record Vung Tau images from above. He said, before people often think of Vung Tau seawater
In fact, watercolor should not be due to overcrowding tourists every day. When not affected by humans, sand settled, seawater became in green, beautiful no loss of Nha Trang sea, Da Nang. " Living in Vung Tau several decades this year has never seen this clean sea. The atmosphere is much more fresh than ", only talking. She is a small island, famous for the walkway to the island only At the time of tide down to 14 and 15 lunar lunar days monthly. Many young people, visitors take a walk to the island to watch the sunset, take a picture "live virtual". However, the fate with many other tourist destinations, Hon Ba is very deserted. Peaceful scenery, green trees covered around the statue of Christ King is located on Mount Tao Phung (small mountain). Days often, visitors prefer to go up here, walking nearly 800 levels to the truth, launching a panoramic view of the sea. Previously located between large mountains and small mountains, is a small wave bay. The coastal road in the front yard is lined with beautiful stone, is the favorite streets of many people in the evening. The park is in front of the tree. Only added, recently, due to social stretching, people cannot bring food to monkeys. Therefore, sometimes they spilled down the sugar for feeding. In this translation, many tourism business establishments in Vung Tau were seriously damaged, not knowing when it was stable. But when there is no visitors, it feels like nature is gradually recovering. Tracking Vung Tau Sea from July to now, he saw the sea water like Ngoc Nhu Ngoc. Therefore, it expects to go through this image, when visitors return to Vung Tau will be aware of environmental protection. (According to the star)

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