Vung Tau Old Month

Hanoi became much wind today, suddenly remembered thees Vung Tau. Also around this time 18 years ago, left Saigon to Vung Tau. New to remake correct northeast wind (monsoon), so he was sent to bien.0: 00/4: domain 33Nu NamNho the motel room at Le Van Loc crossroads Well Water. Once moved, Tang Bat Ho slip road sides still overgrown grass

. At the wedding, along with Hung and Hung Hang and her alone. Two children in the same token, "like the moon with the sun". Never met, between the house and the tree whiteboard markers, this child or the other sailing up the Saigon lover then write on the board, the message said, to do what they do not know
Or to the other rest assured that sleep is not opening up the middle of the night? Hung and his move was not at 266 Le Loi as brothers PTSC still there. Tiny rented room under old mango trees every fall season Splatter young fruits on the roof, enough a bed, private toilet, tile floor close enough to scratch DreamII motorcycle. Once sailing on, open the door to come in, see squat toad between, flaring eyes look rude landlord then automatically jump out. Chui countless toilet cleanser, look to the ground, a few cracks were springing up all green grass ... A corner of the coastal city of Vung TauDat southern sunshine year-round, year-end or new rainy season se se at all. Fans remember the tree, do not understand for what reasons, and mount the cage. Yesterday he told you you to see at sea without complying with safety rules you? Fan for this one unfortunately it missed flight trajectory deviation, cut off wing inflates also be something there. Then to go buy a fan moi
Sau buy TVs. Pay at the new finish with shopkeeper inquiries e-mail: This TV what effect you? He did not say anything back hui pulled out a box: I like what he labels for knitting socks. Sony, okay? Panasonic today also. At left-Vung Tau, his brother took over an apartment, taking over both the renowned TV there. Nor remember it spent antenna or something. Too long ... Work compensation should also gradually abundant, then buy the VCD and computer speakers. There are night before bed, turn on the disk Chan Phong. I like this overseas singer, warm voice that softly. Turn finished listening and forget asleep lost, marinated herself in the lyrics skin away, cooing, deep sadness he sings: "... Ask away, for passionate new face for the love more concentration chayYeu travel, wine red yeast concentration ecstatic heart seasons DongYeu go, the night will be all night for tomorrow melancholy uaYeu go, the situation with gadfly and sometimes ... will not ... "Room Accommodation nearby with Dung, fat, small eyes, hair cut crab, looks quite evil minister. Where he made under seafaring port or something, it is not clear. Met greeted him just hummed. Suddenly there today is stale stale sleeping midnight, he knocked on the door, red-faced male foot super kick his call up, spread out a card: Honey, to this day this month he married. This day he moved out. I remember to take offline. Certainly there. They also calculated that his wife and children go but, I see you just live forever fresh sage quietly so not boring you? I dunno where now he Dung then? Have suddenly remembered an apartment so battered, dull nearby Wells Crossroads? Vung Tau sad than 15 years ago, not urbanized and tingle as now. Saigon you say down there on game 2 and 3 days, all right in always not. Still remember the evening commute home late, past rice shop opposite dust Enterprise made a mental box Munch. Has today found the piece of iron wire (type of people make a grab to wash dishes, brush pot) in the lunch box. Picked out, eat more ... Remember the Saturday night alone to go drink coffee in Pham Hong Thai street looked right into the main gate Vietsovpetro. With other youth, black glass stone 9pm do, choose the most hidden corners sit, 9.30 of which 10h still fell asleep as never drops any coffee in the afternoon run nguoi.Nho motorcycles circled around the sea, northeast wind, Vung Tau few tourists sat watching each dune coast countless waves toss straight embankment, turned out, murky. Tet then, this New Year is about whether the home? Me mother ... Over 3 years in Vung Tau, inexplicably not have any particular image. Maybe because no smartphone back then as now. Beginning to do, borrowing his friend bought a Nokia 8250 old, butterfly, blue. There are visits to the sea, the beautiful weather, the ship anchored as Soil boring, landscape at dawn, around sunset, or when a bright moon, right is beautiful. If the iPhone as now make Facebook spoiled many photos dep.Ngan nấy time they did not go all Vung Tau, Ho May not know, Bach Dinh, Tuong Savior ... After this long left-Vung Tau see love to travel, go back and absorbed new go visit places that ... once dau.Khong many things, there is only one thing a lot, it's nostalgia. More than three years old child wandering solitude has anchored a piece of your soul every coastal city of flyaway where loved it. Now suddenly every miss, gnawing ... (Le Hong Lam - 10/24/2021)

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