Vy Oanh Decreased By 17kg After Birth 3

On the Personal Personal, Female Singer 'Green' showing off the image she is training next to the treadmill with the body that has gradually postpartum postpartum 7 weeks.00pm / 00/4: 24 Southern region October 9, the woman's body becomes "fertilized" clearly because it has to gain weight to accumulate enough fetal farming nutrition and prepare for births. And after her child was born, the sisters started to step into the journey to regain their figures. Each person is a different method but in general, everyone reduces eating, the ability to practice. New here, singer Vy Oanh has shared on his personal page that she is working hard to exercise after 7 weeks of birth The third time she said: "I'm 3rd and should tell me that my mother also loses the fire

. Basic reeling with you at just craving to sleep, but then because of love beauty and a body agile, healthy so my mother got creeched yoga gently since the last month was a 3-week episode " .Vy Oanh shows off the image of weight training on a treadmill after 7 weeks of birth. In the picture, Vy Oanh wears a neatly confident-free gym with two dumbbells on a treadmill
Although the body still hasn't been firm "onto", but Vy Oanh looks beautiful, especially her morbidity, many vitality. Especially, her abdomen also doesn't have too much excess fat, and the body is not surprising. "My mother wants to be born usually because I want to be good for both mother and mother, quickly stabilize everything even if I was born "Quadies" like caesarean section. This time his mother also increased by 17kg, the skin was also taking a lot but now regained it, and was still down to 4kg. 9 kg head down quickly, only 1-2 weeks after birth. But 8 kg after this decision is strained, the fats will not be able to suffer if the mother does not have a determination, "Vy Oanh adds.Vy Oanh is not afraid to take a shot of pink face with the skin stretching After exhausting. It is known that this is the third birth of the female singer with her husband entrepreneurs. Unlike the first 2 times, Vy Oanh increased to 24kg, accepted to turn into "sows", but to this "episode 3", she controlled her weight, so only 17kg. Thanks to that though mysteries, Vy Oanh looks beautiful with the delicate lines on the face, her hands are still neat, not swollen or destroyed a lot of sharing
That thanks to regular yoga, swimming and walking that she has partly controled its weight gain. She regularly practiced yoga under the guidance of a personal trainer, and because the house had a pool so she spent a lot of time swimming. "I'm now near the 8th month and has increased by about 10kg. Unlike 2 times before this time I seem more neat, only 3 rounds are big, the rest is still neat. Nose and face blooming, red nose, The legs are slightly light but thanks to yoga, everything is still fine, "Vy Oanh revealed.Mang Thai first, Vy Oanh increased by 24kg so his face was destroyed. But this 3rd pregnancy She is "beautiful". Besides, the 3-year-old mothers also performed the diet of science. She eats a lot of protein, green vegetables, nuts, limiting starch, sugar, map Sweet, while drinking fresh milk without sugar every day. So, until I was about to go to the table, Vy Oanh looked not very beautiful and still full of vitality. After giving birth to a baby, the female singer was entangled The "11-month pregnant pregnant" and a month later, she was almost "disappeared" completely on social networks. Until recently, this 3-child mothers updated the life of milk I'm with everyone. And personally losing weight after this birth, she promised to share SHARE Tips for losing your weight so your mother is healthy and still enough milk for other mothers. Maybe thanks to the secret to losing the "secret" weight that Vy Oanh has been quite a bit after 1 month of birth. The singer is happy with his husband and the children. The postpartum weight is one of the top concerns of the mother. Although in the time of the time, the doctors recommend that the mother should rest a lot to quickly restore health, but this still doesn't mean you can't lose weight. According to information from Mayo Clinic - US non-profit arts medical center, want to lose weight after birth but still have enough breast milk, the mother needs: 1. Adjusting the habit of eating drinks after childbirth, nutrition still plays an important part of the restoration, especially creating milk for breastfeeding. Therefore, choosing additional foods after birth are essential if you want to lose weight. The mother should eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meat, limit sweet and salt foods. Besides, you should just eat it enough. After birth exercise, when you feel your body is ready for exercise, you should practice gentle articles. Yoga exercises, slow walking are good for postpartum recovery and weight loss. However, beginning to practice again, you should choose gentle exercises, then gradually increase the intensity of training to avoid damaging health.3. Nursing and smoking regular milk This is also a method of weight loss after birth. When you breastfeed, you use her mothers

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