Vy Oanh Shared A Series Of Young Women’s Photos, Answered Rumors ‘cutlery’

Unexpectedly launching a series of photos when it is a young woman, Vy Oanh is ready to answer a aesthetic question.02: 00/2: 26 nam singer Vy Oanh (born 1985) A series of hits like "green green", "Fly", "I miss you" ... The cute sweet beauty of this singer has occupied the feelings of many units

. I, Vy Oanh almost very little appeared in the field of entertainment, instead she spent time enjoying extremely happy life with her husband with a dream of dreaming. On July 13, Vy Oanh and her husband were happy to welcome the 3rd child. Vy Oanh singer possessed beautiful beauty, attracted here, on his personal page, female singer The green copper has surprised the audience to share a series of photos from a young woman, accompanied by the announcement of aesthetic or not
That, Vy Oanh is not afraid to know, since arresting Head step into the "hash" age she has used non-surgical aesthetic measures to regain the berry skin and lipenses liposts after giving birth to the second time to keep the shape always slender. Sharing a series of young women's photos, prove that beauty does not intervene the cutlery. The shared body of Vy Oanh is as follows: "Capital is very bridge, so 2019, when old age comes to the compensation, no Having time to take care of the skin carefully, my mother used to use the aesthetic attack without surgery to regain the tense skin as a mother's pride. To say that my mother is too satisfied when using young therapy This chemistry, the skin of her mother , stretch, healthy, no wrinkles, and she is still sneaky and stealthily attracted a 2nd birth fat because it is also a gaze of overcarriage. How much fat. But this time my mother chooses to practice sports, this is the health of the number 1. Must say that the hash age onwards, the skin needs to be taken care of thoroughly. My mother has a lot of experience to hold the spring. Want to be more beautiful every day is skin care, thorough shape, knowing dress, makeup suitable for me. You need something related to beauty inbox for your mother
My mother is always ready to share NHA.P / S: Up adds the baby's picture to the girls. My mother went to a naughty personality, but also yeast Asia so I don't know what Make Up ". The pictures are also a young woman of Vy Oanh. I can see Vy Oanh owned a beautiful, beautiful face With a tall physique, her face is quite rustic with a slightly flexible nose and a big nose. According to the time, the female singer is getting beautiful and promoting the appearance. At the same time, Vy Oanh Afraid to change different styles. When comparing the past photos with the present of Vy Oanh, Vy Oanh easily recognizes the beauty and style of the voice "green" has a lot of change. It is known, to be able to Keeping beauty with beautiful, youthful and charming physique after experiencing many births Vy Oanh is very focused on training and beautifying yourself every day. After giving birth to the 3rd child, she was fast Quickly practice to regain slender physique. She said she increased by 17 kg after giving birth but now 13kg and the next goal is to add 4kg. Thanks to work hard and take care of skin carefullyEven if I was a 3-child mother, Vy Oanh still retained beautiful and sexy colors.

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