Walker Revealed The Shortcomings That Made Man City Unable To Peer Mu And Liverpool

Manchester City's Kyle Walker acknowledged his club that needed to win the Champions League to really compare Liverpool or Mu.Kyl.Man City to dominate England from the beginning of 2010 with 5 The Premier League champion, 2 FA Cup championships, 6 times the League Cup championship with 3 British Super Cups. However, in the most prestigious arena Europe level the club is the Champions League, the green man has yet to have reached the highest peak and it is an extremely formidable disappointment for them. Pep Guardiola was first in the final but finally suffered from the Asian Disease after losing 0-1 against Chelsea

. The only goal of the match was recorded by Kai Havertz.pret, Man City also played impressively in the Champions League but lacked a little bravery in important moments to be successful. By the moment, Liverpool was still the most successful British team in the C1 / Champions League Cup with 6 crowned times, the last time was in 2019
The second rank of Man United with 3 times the championship. Walker understands the fact that Man City needs to step to European football peaks, it is really a level of Liverpool and MU. "Let Man City peer with Manchester United and Liverpool, we need to win the Champions League championship," he told BBC Radio Five Live. "The bosses invested a lot to the club: Look The practice ground, stadium and players they buy. For them, winning the Champions League championship is the highest goal. Among Man City's players today, only Scott Carson is ever tasted Feeling the Champions League champion (once the reserve goalkeeper in the Liverpool championship in 2005). We have finalized last year and very determined to go further this year ". Currently, all 4 teams England attended the Champions League this season is Man City, Man United, Chelsea and Liverpool all have rights to enter the knock-out round.

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