Want To Safely Online, You Should Read This Handbook

Social ways not only affect how people communicate but also change the way of shopping, working, learning, ... Activities like online education, remote work becomes mandatory in pandemic .0: 00/1: 21 Southern nam in the context of Covid-19 spread globally, users shifted to work much on the Internet environment, knowledge and skills related to safety guarantee Information when using the Internet becomes more necessary than ever

. In this time, we always get a lot of information, updates about Covid-19 pandemic and often less attention when clicking and accessing information this. This is also the weakness that the network attacks will take advantage of attacking. Attackers can distribute malicious code to encrypt data (Ransomware), phishing emails and malware, tastes Applying keywords related to Covid-19 to trick users clicking on malicious links,
.. a lot of attack methods can be used, and when successful, hackers can penetrate into email, machine User's calculation, information stolen and other valuable information. So equipping knowledge and skills to ensure information security is indispensable for online activities. National Network Safety Monitoring Center (NCSC) has built: "Information security guarantee manual in Covid-19" aims to guide some skills and basic operations to help people Using the Internet can somewhat securely secure information when connecting online. Details of the manual see here.pv

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