Warm New Residence Of Unemployed Workers Living In The Bridge

The lives of 7 poor workers are unemployed, the sun shining soil under the bridge in Hanoi has a nice ending. They have been tested, with negative results with SARS-COV-2 and are heavily helping sposes with a new residence with a complete sleep.02 / 1: 07 NAM7 Workers must sleep The landscape of the sun shines the ground in the belt bridge 3 section opposite My Dinh bus station in the past few days has a beautiful ending. They are supported by some benefactors with a new temporary place in Ha Cau Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi from night to 14/08. The radiant laughing of poor workers in the new place

. In the past few days, the group of the majority are those who do the construction workers do not catch a passenger car to the countryside when Hanoi implemented a social way of socially, had to live temporarily at the foot of the Ring Ring Bridge. Multi-military house for a timely contractual necessity for the group of workers this morning at the new place. "The nights are wet because of heavy rains, our team must stay with white all night because mosquitoes burn do not sleep
.. ways Here 4 days I'm tired I'm fallen asleep, it is gown to steal all the phone, money in the person, "Mr. Cuong shared. It's long, we have a moment of relaxation, happiness like This, getting enough nutritious nutrition, cool, clean, sleepy sleep. "We were given many new clothes, supported with full needs, we were so happy." , Ms. Lo Van May shared. On yesterday afternoon, all 7 workers were tested and had negative results with SARS-COV-2 before moving to a new place in Ha Cau Ward, Ha Dong District . We have a hot meal with enough nutritious fever like this, have a deep sleep, not a fear
.. Now we hope the disease is controlled soon, soon to go to work again To go home with your family. I am very grateful that you have helped us in the hardest time like this, "Ms. May said.

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