Warning For Tampering Norwegian Enterprises To Fraud

The Embassy of Vietnam in Norway announces, recently appearing the situation of Norwegian companies to fraud with foreign partners institutions.0: 00/1: 53 South of the Southern Website forged the Embassy Vietnam in Norway warned that, phishing objects to set up websites with true seafood export companies with focal points are fake. These subjects take advantage of the psychology that Norway is one Water developed, tight legal systems, companies do business to ensure reputation and companies when seeing contracts with attractive terms should conduct afraid of missing the opportunity, refusing to check the information carefully Partners ..

. so bad objects have given many companies of other countries, especially from developing countries. Information from Norwegian police has launched about 40 cases of fraud in recent years. , And think that the actual number is bigger
Some websites that phishing objects have been used as www.sunseafood.com; www.diamondshiping.org; www.norwegian-seafoodsupply.com ... at the same time giving some signs to pay attention to be a fraud as follows: Banking accounts are outside Norway; VAT number on the website is 10 characters (Norwegian companies with 9-character tax code); Want to exchange via WhatsApp or Skype; Exchange via email not by businesses, by public mail as Gmail; The company's website has a domain name that does not end with the
No's tail ... The Norway side also emphasized, above is only a sign that can be a scam, without the above signs of no means not a scam. Therefore, to minimize the possibility of fraudulence, Norwegian police recommends that exchanging transactions should recommend a partner to use Video Conference and save. Before the above information source, Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade has recommended Vietnamese companies when conducting trade cooperation with Norwegian companies need to carefully verify partners to cooperate and transactions are more guaranteed.

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