Warning: Using Exfoliation That Meet 4 Signs, You Should Stop Right Away ‘reply Not To Keep It’

Exfoliating products If not used properly will cause skin damaged, destroy DA.0: 00/3 protective films: South of the South Death is the basic beauty that is almost sister Every applicable. In particular, with the growing day of the first day of chemical exfecticums such as AHA, BHA accompanied many miraculous promises such as deep cleaning of pores, preventing acne, lightening, reducing the old Chemistry ..

., the more "seizures" want to use these products. However, exfoliating products are not used properly, it will cause the skin to hurt, destroy the skin protection membrane to the "unspecified repentage". Reality, exfoliation products contain acid Very useful to skin but "if abuse is too much or used at high concentrations, it will seriously affect the skin" - Doctor Simone McKitty, McKitty Dermatology clinic owner shared
Here are 4 marks Serious brands that you should note. If you are using chemical exfoliation products that skin has one of the 4 signs below, you should stop right now.1. The skin is irritated if you have a thin, sensitive or too abuse of acid toner, using overdose exfoliation, the first reaction of the skin is: irritation. "The first side effect of inflation This acid is a burning skin, redness "- Dr. Simone shared. At a mild level, the skin will be peeled and itchy; In severe levels, the skin will stretch, unpleasant redness.2. Dry skin, gray and loss of tensioning ballWhi started using acid toner, you can see dry skin; However, when you have carefully moisturizing that the skin is still dry, gray, it is very likely that it is the skin protective film of the skin being destroyed. You can view the image below about a patient with damaged skin protection membrane due to long-term acid abuse
At this moment, the skin is dry, gray, there are small wrinkles and no normal stretches.3. The pimples are massive if you see the pimples that are massive after using the toner acid, the type of product you use is too heavy with skin, or the skin is irritated for the product component. To avoid this, then you should start using toner acid from low-rate products so that the skin has time to get acquainted. Sensitive skin, formed brown spots using toner acid for a long time, skin will tend to be thin and more sensitive. Therefore, the skin is also vulnerable and forms brown spots. To prevent this, don't forget the moisturizing and sunscreen carefully to protect the skin. If you encounter the above signs, Dr. Simone recommends stop using acid so that the skin has time to rest and restore Hoi. Then, if you still want to use acid you should build the cycle slowly, go from the product with a low rate to get used to the skin. And only use these products 1 - 2 times / week, avoiding too many abuse, you can also use mild exfoliation products to avoid irritation skin.Rosette Gommage Moist buy: Soja ; Price: 150kmartiderm Essentials Facial Scrub Bau: Martiderm; Price: 790kit's Skin Mangowhite Peeling Gel Buy: It's skin; Price: 185k

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