Watching The Beautiful Village Image Of The 9x Boy’s Film Movie

The peaceful central countryside of Loc Han Vu cable is 'winding wind' on the network community because every corner of the image is beautiful like a cinematic movie. Welding dance in 1990, living in Quang Binh and is currently working in Biochemical Quality Testing.02: 00/1: 43 Nadlands The fake of Yen Binh village photos - Photo: Nvcckhung beautiful scenery to love - photos : Welding Loc Cable Going for passionate about taking photos, Han Vu shared that he himself entrusted to take photos from when he was sitting on the school chair. Later, in one time admiring the Mirai Chan photographer of Japanese photographer Kotori Kawashima, the passion for taking photos in Han Vu suddenly rose stronger than ever. And Han Vu boldly holds the camera everywhere, "Catching" every feeling of emotion that he was lucky to admire

. New days started to find the shooting corner to produce the best photos, Han Vu Chia I also encountered a lot of difficulties because I don't have much experience, unable to feel and create ideas for each set of special photos with special inspiration with the peaceful landscape of the Central countryside, Where he was born and unadvolded. Photo backpack - Photo: Welding Loc Loc Cable, ripe rice, ripe rice color - Photo: Welding Loc Loc Cable - Photo: Photo: Welding Loc Loc Cable Drift on the quiet river - Photo: Cable Loc Han Vu Vu Poetry Player - Photo: Loc Han Welding Cable Binh Yen Palace Place Bean - Photo: Loc Loc Han Vuoang Koang Gold in the field - Photo: Welding Loc Welding Cable - Photo: Loc Loc Welding Cable The scene is both majestic and poetic - Photo: Welding Loc Loc Cable Each experience trip is a story to leave real impressions difference with Han Vu Loc cable. But the most memorable is probably the countryside tour near Son River, Quang Binh Province
"Here, the landscape of the village is peaceful and beautiful to love. There is a deep green river, there are hills and mountains surrounded, and the sound of the train reminiscent of some distant memories! ", Han Vu shared. It is known that Han Vu currently owns fanpage" go tissue "With more than 10 thousand likes. Han Vu shared:" In fact, Fanpage is only established for more than a year. This is where I share stories through small photos that yourself can take on the land Middle and many other countryside. Those are the most idyllic and natural stories of ourselves and the people they have to meet and chat ". Boys 9x are also cherishing for themselves About a trans-Vietnamese trip, especially visiting the Northwest land in a near future.

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