Watching The Mercedes-amg G63 Duo Over 30 Billion Of Hoa Binh Giants

Also play the new generation Mercedes-AMG G63 SUV, but instead of leaving the original, the two mutated LAN giants in peacefully decorate the H-LOGO for the 'terrain king' to create personality. The books of Mercedes-AMG G63-class SUV giants in Vietnam have had to be more than 100 and the estimated will be in the first place in the end of 2021. Personality in the face of the second generation, the ability to drive smoother and comfortable driving compartments is the highlight of the "terrain king" Mercedes-amg G63. Also play luxury SUV Mercedes-AMG G63 Other Vietnamese gias, but instead of leaving the original 2 buyers in peaceful LAN in Peaceful province decorate the H-LOGO for the car to create personality and differences. Not too hard to recognize this H-LOGO Get ideas from Hofele with a HG63 product based on a new generation Mercedes-AMG G63, but the exterior and interior with Mercedes-AMG G63's luxury suumps with two peace giants have two The opposite paint color is completely white and black that comes with that the dual-shaped multi-spoke wheel with a red brake clamp with more than 100 million VND

. Hitting on Mercedes-AMG G63 The black is the owner for pasting the red hofele text on the door to create personality. In addition, the vehicle also has a combination bar before the head of the car, this is an option with no more than 10 AMG G63s of the rich Vietnamese home. In the interior compartment of the G63 AMG is the combination of set Classic models are hard to blend with future technology
With 2 large screens are designed to be similar to E-Class and S-Class. Air conditioning air conditioner is simulated with the design of fighter turbines. Lo Lang re-designed D-Cut with bright silver-colored gouts, the rear has the integrated sporting number. On the G63 AMG 2019 is also equipped with a famous IWC clock. Central control cluster with Mercedes-Benz Dark Touch Desk. In addition, the characteristic handle of the G-class line layout on a carbon seat area is carbonated, ... Mercedes-AMG G63 is the second generation of the car that is dubbed the Mercedes terrain king -Benz G-class carries W463 code. The highlight is the square design of the vehicle unchanged after 42 years of birth, in addition to the car equipped with LED headlights integrating the daylight LED light strip, 2 Xi-Nhan lights still set high on the cap
Mercedes-AMG G63 possesses V8 reputation engine, double turbocharged, 4.0-liter capacity due to AMG. This heart will produce a maximum capacity of 577 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and maximum torque of 850 nm at a rewind of 2,500 - 3,500 rpm. The vehicle is equipped with an AMG Speedshift Plus 9-level automatic transmission that can accelerate 100 km / h in 4.5 seconds before reaching a maximum speed of 220 km / h. Mercedes-AMG G63 luxury SUV driver can Use the Dynamic Select function in the control cluster to options Slippery, Comfort, Sport, Sport mode or self-establish individual steering mode for yourself to best experience unknown spreads Peace spends how much money owners of Mercedes-AMG G63 cars but these are privately imported by about VND 15 billion (when it comes to number plates, this G63 duo has no price below 30 billion). Mercedes-AMG G63 2021 car prices are genuine in Vietnam today at VND 10.95 billion for standards. Recently, these giants have just bought the Lamborghini Aventador supercar LP700-4.Video: See the owner of the car showroom to sell lingerie with Mercedes-Amg G63.Nguyen Bac

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