Watching The Only ‘unique Green Limbs’ In Thanh Thanh

Once the Green Lim capital with ainched forests, but due to exhaustion, Ben En National Park (Thanh Hoa) is currently only a unique unique limbs of thousands of years old. National Park governor (National Park) Ben en said that the green limbs are located on the territory between the two communes of Xuan Khang (Nhu Thanh district) and Tan Binh commune (Nhu Xuan district) in Thanh Hoa province. Ben En has a total natural area of 14,190.54 ha, of which 12,275.2 ha of forestry land

. This land is the natural distribution of green limbs, this is a rare and endemic plants of Thanh HoaThis as the "unique green Lim" at Ben En National Park. Through thousands of years of trees still reaching themselves in the middle of the mountains, who knows the Lim has ever since, but according to many local people "gods" must be thousands of years old. "Tree Tree" is not only the treasure of Ben En National Park but also a symbol of green locals with scientific names are Erythrophleum Fordii, vegetable vegetable rebound Caesalpiniaceae Fabaceae family
Currently in Vietnam Lim Green is ranked in 4 rare and precious "four-quarter" wooden species (nails, Lim San, Juean). Ben En National Park is a place to distribute this plant most of the province of the Lim tree trunk with 2 cuts, including a rather large stain cut into the trunk. This is the trace of the "logging" times that deliberately seek to knock down the limbs. However, thanks to the fierce protection to the end of the forest rangers, the "tree tool" exists until now2 small Berth Ben En rangers when standing next to the thousands-year-old tree under the roots and limbs Huge diameter, about 4-5 people hugged the new tree, the landmark according to the year of the cut that "loggers" left on the vertical Lim tree stalk, there is a height of about 45 mac leaves Lim green development Good, printing herself in the sky Lim is not only a "treasure" at Ben En National Park but also has a great value in terms of conservation, to maintain the genetic source of this rare plant in Ben En National Park, Nearly 10 years now "Tools" Lim Xanh no longer flowers when "logging" cuts 1/4 of the original diameter. However, protected by forest rangers, on the plan to care and restore, Lim was still green, rising strongly between mountains and mountains

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