Water Pieces With 4 Delicious Ribs Are Delicious, Eating Is Love

Enjoying 4 ribs of this warehouse with white rice is true to exactly in the cool collection days! 0:00 / 4: 36 Southern region of sweet and sour warehouse for sweet and sour ribs of sweet and ribs with purple, garlic, chili, onion fish sauce , Seasoning seeds, MSG, Pepper, Roads, Apple vinegar, Sweet-sour warehouse oil to make a sweet and sour warehouse Ribs 1: Processing raw materials - Young ribs when buying and washing you clean, tightly eaten. Next, put on the boil with little salt, when boiling water and foam, you pick up the slopes and re-rinse with clean water. After that, marinated with sugar, salt, seasoning seeds and pepper. Mix well and marinate for about 30 minutes so that the slopes are spicy. - Garlic and purple onion peeled, chopped

. - Pili washed, sliced. 1 tablespoon of sugar, 1/3 of the salt spoon and mix it evenly. If there is no apple cider vinegar you can replace with me or lemon juice are all
Step 2: Warehouse Rib - for oil with the same onion, minced garlic into a fragrant pan for gold, then you put marinated on the island Foreign with big fire until the rib hunts. After that, you gave the vinegar part to the same slices of chili, tasting it for a taste. Continue to cook until the rib boils, you lower the fire, so when the soft rib is. - Finally, you put on the leaves and turn off the kitchen to be completed. Dried, garlic: 1 coconut water, oil-colored oil took different positions: Fish sauce, seasoning seeds, and roads for making pepper ribs: onions, peeled garlic. Small pain, garlic smashing then chopped. Timing: pounding, ribs: marinated with pepper, water, salt, sugar, minced garlic about 1 hour. Non-small ribs are once when the warehouse, we stir-fry Through it by giving oil thing into the pre-aromatic pan, then for young ribs marinated into stir-fry for horrors. Color water: for sugar and oil in the pot, boil up. When the line turns to a slightly brown color, it is okay
Then let coconut water flooded all the ribs, tasting to the taste. Boil 1 minute and then use the tunnel to the ribs, until the water is almost all, turn off the kitchen. Honey warehouse for honey ribs500g Non2 ribs2 Teaspoon honey purple, garlic, green onion, chili, fish sauce , sugar, MSG, Oil Honey Warehouse Honey Making Honey Ribs 1: Processing Ribs-Ribs Ribs clean, tightly eaten, polish and discharge with clean water. Then marinated with fish sauce, honey, sweeter, salt, pepper, onion, minced garlic, oyster oil. Mix well and marinate for about 30 minutes. Prevention of the sauce - you put into a mixture pan consisting of fish sauce, sweet paste, moat, honey, paprika, pepper and stir up. With the dough, you put into a separate cup with warm water to create a comparator for the food. Next, give cooking oil and minced garlic into a non-aromatic pot. Then, let the sauce have entered with small fire, then you put on the stock. Turn small fire to spice sadness. Warehouse until the sauce is spoiled for the raw coconut water warehouse: 500 g of pig ribs: 1 fruit, garlic with other taste: fish sauce, cooking oil, salt, seasoning powder, main noodles, oyster oil, water warehouse : Step 1: Processing materials First is that we need to prepare pig ribs. You should note when selecting the ribs to ensure the quality of the dish. The ribs are chosen to be young ribs, there are many meat, ribs with pink and delicious colors. After buying the ribs, you rinse with cold water and then tighten it into small pieces that are eaten. Wait when the drain is drained, start the ribs. The ribs will be marinated with spices such as seasoning, pepper, thin peppers, onion, dry onions and minced garlic. The marinated time about 30 minutes of spanning inside the ribs inside the ribs, helping the dish become rich and delicious much more delicious. Props 2: Ribs with coconut water Northern pan on the kitchen heated. Later for 1 tablespoon of sugar and a little cooking oil, got the chopsticks stained until the mixture had beautiful cockroach wings. At this time, the part of the ribs marinated into the island to hunt again. Then you take coconut water flooded with the ribs, giving a little bit of fish sauce and closed the boiler in about 60 minutes. Steel 3: Decorate the food Open the lid of the coconut milk with beautiful yellow brown and compare means the food has been completed. Sweet fragrant soft ribs. You wedge the last time for your mouth. Finally showing discs, decorate less coriander, chili, onion for beautiful dishes. Non-small ribs of coconut water are usually served with very delicious rice. The fragrance of coconut water, sweetness from the slopes to bring a great culinary experience to you and your family. Bình mind (General) Photo: Collectibles

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