We Hurriedly Teach Children, While No One Studied From Them

The other rich man had everything in life, so he went looking for the peace of mind. He went from this sage sage to another and they all give advice, but advice does not help to ong.0: 00/4: domain 47Nu Namchi a fool would drop seeds onto real daTren fact, only a fool would give advice and only a fool would get advice. Wise men will prepare for you so that you can receive advice. He did not simply give you advice, you need to be prepared

. It took years to prepare, and only then you can reseed. Only a fool would always drop seeds onto ice that did not mind that I'm wasting chung.Nhung other sages were giving him advice, but does not have any advice helpful
Finally, a man well known, the reverse is seen as the village idiot in the middle of the road he stopped and said: "You're wasting your time. See you sad and miserable, I can not be silent. England go to find people in the next village ".The person wealthy man on horse races look to the next village, carrying a big bag filled with diamonds. When he arrived, he saw the man mentioned - Mulla Mulla Nasruddin.Anh asks: "Can you help me to achieve the peace of mind it?" Mulla said: "Helping it? I can tell you. "The rich man had asked:" Can you tell me why? I met all the sages; all are advised to do this, that, self-train themselves, charity, helping the poor, built hospitals ... They told me all these things, and the fact that I have done for all but to no avail, the opposite was more trouble arose
And now he can say to me? "Mulla said:" It is simple. He let down his horse around. "So the man walked down the other wealthy horse. Saw him holding the bag, Mulla asked: "What's in the bag that you snuggle like that?" The man replied: "This is a precious diamonds. If he can give me peace, I will give him this bag. "But before he could have torn the spirit is Mulla bag and fled! The rich man extremely dizziness; he did not even know what to do. And then he chased the man. But it is the village of Mulla, he knows every corner of it, and he kept running. The rich man has ever run ever and even too fat ... He cried and gasped, tears nave. He said: "I have been cheated! The other took away all possessions a hard life I earned, he took everything. "And the crowd followed, all of them laughing. The rich man said: "The people have to be idiots not? Both this village full of idiots just nothing? I'm desperate, but the people instead of helping me stealing it back laughing. "The crowd said," He's not theft, it is a sage true. "The rich man replied," The man in my village idiot pushed me into this situation! "But then after a while, he caught up Mulla. Mulla returned to sitting under a tree next to the horse. He sat down, still holding the bag in his hand, and wealthy man ran to weep. Mulla said: "Take this bag to go." The rich man had received the bag and hug. Mulla said: "Now you feel? Have felt little peace not mind? "The rich man replied," Yes, true peace. He was strange, his method is also strange. "The innocence of children treMulla replied:" There is no way strange at all - it is just a simple calculation. When there is something, he will begin to see it as obvious. Only to lose it, he will be immediately aware of what she had lost. You is not getting nothing new; that's the bag he was carrying without feel peace of mind. Now he is armful also the bag and anyone could see how his peace! Go home and do not bother anyone anymore. "This is the problem of the child, because it came to this world with the innocent and willing to trade their innocence was to buy about anything. It is ready to buy all the crap and give her courage. It is ready to buy all the toys - there is nothing else in this world besides the toy? - and lose clarity of itself. It turns out that when all the toys and do not feel any joy from them, do not see the fruit, yet satisfying. Then, it will recognize what you've mat.Trong a better world, every family will learn from children. We hurried to teach them, while no one learned from them, they have much to teach us. As for us, there's nothing to teach chung.Chi because older and have more authority, you start making them like you that did not bother to think about who they are, have reached where your status what is in the internal world. You are an extremely poor man; and you want your children like that? But nobody thought out; if not, everyone has to learn

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