Weapon Profile: Not B-52 ‘stratofortress’, This Is The World’s Largest Bombing!

Now, Boeing B-52 'Stratofortress' is famous as the world's number one strategic bomber with long range with the ability to carry a lot of bombs, but B-52 is not the largest bombing of the calendar. History.0: 00/9: 39 Nouthern B-36 and 16-member crew (Photo: Chinatimes). Intime, B-52 "Stratofortress" only ranked 2. The US Air Force had a type of aircraft Bomber bigger

. Although never used to throw bombs, it is still the pillar of the US Strategic Air Force Command in the initial period of establishment. It was a B-36 strategic bomber "PeaceMaker" .B-36 is a super-large bombing model launched by Convair in 1946
According to the Museum of the US National Air Force Museum, Sinh Its wings are 70.1 m (for comparison, B-52 has a wingspan of 56.8 m) and a length of 49.4 meters (B-52 has a length of 48.5 m), and it can Bringing a bomb to 39.6 tons (B-52 can carry up to 31.5 tons). It can be seen that B-36 is greater than B-52 in every way. It is also the only type of bombing that can transport any nuclear weapons in the US arsenal inside the four weapons compartments without improvement. With a distant range to over 10,000 miles (16,000 km) and the maximum weapon load to 39,600 tons, it has the ability to fly intercontinental without refueling
During a long period, B-36 is the largest load plane in the world. Only after the appearance of the Boeing 747 and C-5 Galaxy, both were designed later than two decades later, the new world had aircraft with larger loads than B-36. US strategy bombers in the 1950s. Finally later: B-47, B-52, B-36 (Photo: Chinatimes). It is not easy to give such a giant aircraft to take off . B-36 uses up to 6 Pratt propeller engines

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