Wearing Black Friday

Black Friday is no longer making young people excited. Many people began to see overloaded with numerous devaluations to be launched in late nam.0: 00/3: 51Nu South "No need to wait until the day declined, I still spend tens of million dong for shopping through apps use. Honestly, I have never hunted sale ", Phan Thi Tuong Vi (25 years old, live in Hoang Mai, Hanoi) shared with adjacent Zing.Can occasion Black Friday, while many young people eager to shop or farm promotional code through the app, Tuong Vi stood still young Most folks do not even care about the occasion "Day 6 dark"

. Photo: Lam.Co admits he is a genuine shopping devotees, but seems to have no affinity with the day off. "I also like to buy at bargain prices, but the products I need are often not included in the list discounted items in stores
For me, Black Friday does not make much sense ", Vi Vi said noi.Khong hungTuong his trench priority online shopping frequently by hunters from ngoai.Chi country for nearly two years, she has become a member Shopee of Platinum with a total expenditure of more than 150 million. In it, she only saves 4 million thanks to promotional codes mai.Cap shopping cart to date more than 53 million value, but intends to consider Vi and remove unnecessary items from the basket before spending money. currently, more than 300 items Vi stored in the cart, worth more than 53 million products dong.Day mostly no promotional code, which will be paid her salary after the end of this month. "I'm not going buy out the cart, just look out the dish is really necessary, the estimated value of more than 10 million ", Vi for girls 25 years old hay.Co said there are two reasons why she was not indifferent to the sale phase. vi rarely get deep discount code applications and only buy the items needed, do not buy on emotions or store bought
"In each round of discounts as 11/11 or Black Friday, I only donate app freeship or discount code 25,000-30,000 dong. This is the default preference to own when I was a member of Bach kim.Toi see many people enlist round sale to buy many items, put away after use. But I have no such habit. My house is not large, more integrated look no different furniture warehouse "as Tuong Vi Vi divided se.Giong, Thao Phuong (22 years old, live in Tan Phu District, HCMC) also chose to stand outside" War Hunt sale, "the end of big promotions nam.Nhieu constantly made her serial" overwhelmed ". Share with Zing, Thao Phuong said she has to spend a few million for the period 11/11, can not spend more for sale 2nd round in months. "On Black Friday last year, I spent 4 million for clothing, cosmetics, books ... this year, I spent all that money on sale 11/11 round, can not buy more, "she said ke.Thao the shopping scene lined up at stores in the city last year no longer present. Photo: Quynh Danh.Ben addition, Thao Phuong also not enthusiastic about the occasion "Day 6 dark" this year. She said the shopping atmosphere in the city currently gloomy than usual because of the disease. "Deserted shopping street, passersby also absent than usual that I no longer eager sale around streets hunting. Moreover, the store I prefer not discount strong as every year ", Thao Phuong noi.Siet cut spending for sale dichNhan message from a friend invited hunt, Vu Thi Thuy Anh (23 years old, live Nam Tu Liem district, Hanoi ) take a few minutes to remember that last great promotions going toi.The but she was not enthusiastic on the e-commerce applications and fill the empty cart as before. "I do not have shopping needs this phase should only see what your friends, co-workers stop shopping ", Thuy Anh laugh, noi.Bi economic influence by the epidemic, Thuy Anh decided to abandon the habit of" hunting sale "to save for other purposes .Chia Share with Zing, girl, 23, said his recent "too busy" with work in marketing, even rare time surfing social networking. "my company has asked staff to the office again , reels work well pit i eh more. I work from 7am to 20h, to work in the province often. Arriving home, I no strength to open the phone, to the shopping app anymore, "Thuy Anh ke.Anh economic effects caused by the disease also caused her to change shopping habits. She said that by working online, reducing income than before the service and savings with di.Vi also that, instead of enthusiasm "key deal" on e-commerce floor, Thuy Anh had planned to spend specific targets, quit hoard purchase. "I no longer caught up in the promotion anymore. Purchases that are losing many good as well, but I just need to buy 1-2 items, not necessarily wait until the sale period. Tet, I also want to save many other things to worry about ".Thuc Hanh - Page Ming

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