Wearing Brocade, Revealing The First Round With The ‘eating Bricks’

Recently, Le Bong continues to become a name that is noticeable when wearing brocade to reveal the first round of the first round. With fame and have a large number of fans on MXH, Hot Tiktoker Le Bong (name In fact, Le Xuan Anh, SN 1995) is also a leading marketing character.Hot girl Le Bong regularly accepts many fragile opinions from some missing exquisite actions or showing off her clothes . New, Le Bong continues to controversial in an image uploading to Instagram. Specifically, she wore a shirt (or skirt) indigo-dyed fabric combined with brocade weaving fabrics, heading towels also from eczema dyed fabric

. This dress of Hot girl Tiktok Le Bong caused many people to think about the text Chemistry of some northern mountainous ethnic people. But when looking closely, many people quickly noticed the first round of filling in the back of Le Bong's shirt. Not the costumes of Le Bong 1 layer is quite fragile, the feeling only needs to move slightly to "reveal goods"
This is a clear costume of the ethnic minority or just a normal costume and is sewn from indigo fabric, Brocade fabric but under the image of Le Bong, many expressed the attitude of disagreement. They argued that Le Bong was losing the national identity when it was a lot of times. First Le Bong met with a brocade style costumes. Before that, Le Bong was also criticized when wearing a high-cut skirt, shaped up when he came to a temple in the Central Highlands. As one of the most interested hot girls on social networks. As a gymer, Tiktoker has a reputation, but this girl often causes many controversy when there is a habit of dressing sexy too much. Welcome to the video: Le Bong's voice has been edited - Source: Tiktok Le Bong

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