Wearing The Bra Size, What Will Happen?

Wearing a non-standard bra with breast size is not too big problem. However, if you keep wearing a shirt that is too small or too large can seriously affect Health.0: 00/1: 49 nam Dau Dau back, neck and chest (Photo: Brightside) Studies for Seeing the wrong bra size can cause many health problems, the most common is back pain, neck pain and breasts. Non-fitting lining shirts can not afford to support well or cause great pressure if Wearing too tight. This leads to falence of body posture and causes body fatigue above

. Head (Photo: Brightside) Further pressure due to small bra can lead to headaches. If the bra does not fit, the weight of the breasts will stretch the bra string and create more pressure on the shoulders, which can cause ancient pain and headache. True has shown that the editing of the bra size will be engraved Apparel the headache effectively
Shoulder form (Photo: Brightside) Strap pressure can also cause "bra strap defects". When the bra cannot support well, the weight is too large to make the bra tightly stick to the woman's shoulder. The studies say that wearing small bras for long periods of pressure on the soft tissue of shoulders Can cause deformation. The skin problems (photo: brightside) are opposite, too wide bra may not be enough to support, causing breast skin to hurt. Studies have shown that the chest deformation caused by gravity causes the skin tension in the upper area of the chest. Big breasts. Choose a bra fit (Photo: Brightside) to choose the perfect bra, you need to know 2 parameters: strap and trophy lines. To find the size of the bracelet, measure around the frame Ribs, just below your breasts. Then round the result to the nearest even number. To find the chest cup size, measure a loose way around the most complete section round 1
After that, except your chest measurements with wire measurements. Each inch represents a size, like 1 inch can be a Cup A, 2 inches can be Cup B.

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