Wedding At 8 Wives For Dreams, The Giants Make Public Opinion Because I Don’t Know How To Play Or Trick

But most people have to recognize this is a very impressive wedding. Newest here, a man who lives in Indonesia has caused public opinion to be a wild phen after claiming to marry 8 wives with the same wife When this video is posted to Instagram by Account @ Kegoblogan.Kekinian on November 25 with the Caption of extremely curious curious: "This rich man married 8 wives at the same time". The video of the wedding giants 8 wives for a while makes everyone suspiciously, the man in the video (groom) is smiling and standing next to 8 other girls. Especially, all these girls are wearing indonesia's traditional dress, only different in color

. multiple. On the contrary, all of them are happy to share a picture frame. The image cuts out from Clipngay immediately, the CDM commented and said that this could be a chance to show off the world of the great money
"I think this is a game, but who is allowed to marry 8 wives at the same time" - a net resident.: Syok

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