Wedding For Half A Year, The Woman Only Accepted To Divorce Because A Mistake Option On The First Day Of The Step-in-law

'My parents make processing wood workshops, I must also learn, do it. Heavy work I can't do it, confide with your husband, the husband ', the wife said.0: 00/3: 58 Southern autonomous women's autonomy. If they decide to give up jobs, like deputy wearing life for others. Without making money, they gradually have no voice

. That's what many people say before, hope women listen and understand. However, it is not fierce with his decisions. The woman and a foolish decision on the first day, one person The wife shared the article related to his 6-month new marriage
According to her, every morning woke up, her first was thinking of divorce with her husband. "I married for more than 6 months. Although there was also a psychological preparation before she went to married, but I was still shocked when entering the marriage door. Previously as an office worker, the work was also stable, the salary was enough to spend Activate and let out a small amount every month. After married, I would like to leave a job, listen to her husband, staying at home with a trader, "she said. The illustration. But the husband's family urged to work for the house so piercing her tongue agreed, thinking the abdomen changed the environment, trying in the new field. However, this is a turning point that changes her life right from the first day of strawberry. "But there was a step into a new step, where he couldn't see it, just frustrated, and figured together. Married more than 6 months, my couple moved 3 times, and quarreled, angry at each other, countless numbers
The husband was not able to encourage it, instructions, the whole day, bored, angry, bored, didn't ask anything. I have to run in the middle of the day, "she was depressed in the middle of the marriage to work together to work, she all day skirt, beautiful lipstick. Get finished married workers, pants are always high to run for fast, hairy hair, limbs, black nose face. Next: "At home with your parents to the bowl are not Washing and going married must do it all. Yes, married to do it. My parents make processing more wood workshops, I have to learn, have to do it. Working heavily I can't do it, confide with her husband, the husband is lazy, refuses to try, blaming themselves without helping their parents. Over the loss of weight, the husband praised the right idea, what was the right to worry about fat, now worried about it. "From a soft-handed person to run the office, clear the things that makes her She collapsed and was hard to integrate. But those things are not crisis by the couple she made with her husband's parents, the economy of their parents took all. I have bought anything, doing anything else. "The other day told her husband I was too long, sure to cut it and then do it again, her husband said to say: 'Get married and I all day my hair clothes'. I am the one who is not eating. Five several clothes, the hair was too much to do. Mother husband, all day, said my husband took a beautiful daughter to do, throughout the day, don't worry about doing business. The father-in-law, the day, throughout the day, despise the daughter, the view of his father-in-law his son, his wife is also gone and the daughter leaves her husband, only to get the old man and re-illustrate. . Such a life makes the wife extremely stuck. The parents traded, criticizing just said the type of punching and rubbing made her not to play anger. She was confided with her husband but didn't solve anything. Her husband is a son, leaving it separately, but it is not good. But she discusses the economic autonomy, the husband's husband goes away because he hears his father-shaped. The tirement in such a daily life made her seem to be suffered but not to enjoy marriage. "Every day when I woke up, thinking about yesterday and what faced today was depressed today lost. I just want to leave my husband, the marriage is so horrible, "said the wife confused. It was sometimes there was no need to be too big, the debris of marriage also made people discouraged. This is clearly a lesson for women before marriage. In any case, they need to know independently, create economy and do not depend. If conquered in all circumstances, the ending of the bride in the story is completely easy to understand.

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