Wedding Has Not Been Long, My Daughter-in-law Is Stunned When Her Mother’s Mother Told Her Son: Divorce It Now!

The mother-in-law in the story is exactly 'nightmare' with not only the daughter-in-law but also with her beloved son.0: 00/2: 20 nuoc nuoc tiktok account @iamalilstitious, real name is Shelby Lynn , I have posted a video about being interfered with my mother and her son's relationship. Before the wedding, Shelby said that she and Sean's family have a very close relationship, but everything Beautiful memories were broken immediately at the moment they vowed to be together for life. "My mother-in-law didn't understand for any reason that she was not respected in the wedding. I have to take wedding photos Laughing for the story and letting her go to the hotel to rest

. The family took a picture of the family, she still smiled to me but then as if it turned into another person. Before kissing took place, I asked the opening Mother's aspirations but she only told us to keep it right. But after that, she was angry, "she said
From that, the mother-in-law - the bride starts to crack. Shelby said her mother-in-law continuously asked his son to review her marrying. In addition, she also asked a worker to take wedding photos without the bride, Shelby. The video recording video tells about the rift relationship between himself and her mother-in-law. In another video, the viewer has been admired Email "complaint" is sent from a mother-in-law, which lists details about Shelby's "wrong" behavior. She said: "She said she would never contact me but now bother me like this. Maybe because they have been watching the video so they have to go to my school (where I'm studying with a progress Si) Make a fuss and accuse me to post the wrong news. In contrast to their wishes, justice has stood towards me. "Luckily Shelby always married beside the support and support. Ask why Shelby was hated so much by her husband mother, she answered: "Perhaps because she knows how to completely lose the ability to control and manipulate her son? So she thought I was Robbing him from her hand "
shelby then continued to post another video with the title:" When the mother-in-law caught his son to choose between his wife and family ". She shared: "My husband always supports me and I love him unconditionally. We won't let alone for any overcast action. They need to remember that I'm a wife and a copper Onion in his life. My husband is their children, not the tool to control and I have no intention of "brainwashing" him like the other people ". The couple now cut off the contact With Sean's chosen family, Shelby said that she would always support if he wanted to resume the relationship even if she still couldn't forget the things they did with me.Theo Binh Nguyen / Fatherland newspaper

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