Wedding Party Trend In Dream Season

Covid-19 pandemic influenced every face of life, but it could not prevent couples from marking their love with a memorable wedding. Cut trend the wedding party "Normal new" Pandemic Covid- 19 has affected every face of life, but it cannot prevent couples from marking their love with a memorable wedding. In a new normal state, a wedding orientation trend becomes popular throughout the world today, which is a "compact" wedding with only 20 to 100 attendees, or the wedding "fleeing "With the only two characters who are the bride and groom. The road for a micro-wedding party is the resort isolatedly with a peaceful and romantic space. In the North, Tam Coc Garden is such a paradise for couples who are looking for a complete destination different from Hanoi

. The ceremony was held under the sunset in the top 10 small hotels The most beautiful in Vietnam voted by TripAdvisor from 2015-2021, Tam Coc Garden is the perfect space for the "private" wedding and dreamy with peaceful green garden. It is like a emotional garden, Tam Coc Garden seems to be born to dedicated to couples when the resort is located in the garden with the only natural heart shape in the world. Under the flower trees Fresh racing blooming, putting eye level look at both a green valley surrounded by granular yellow rice carpets, poetic canals flowing with leprechimental limestone mountains, whether there are any questions Peaceful than the poetic and peaceful nature scene
(Photo: Mirror Wedding) Ranked 11/25 most beautiful hotels in the world voted by TripAdvisor (2021), Tam Coc Garden will also be a more poetic backdrop for weddings flooded. Contact. The wedding style wedding is the beginning of a happy long journey will follow you all your life, so why not choose to give me a difference? At Tam Coc Garden, the wedding party is not only marked by the space of the inner space, but also because of the unique experience with a country style. : Mirror Wedding) Let's start with a cozy party between peaceful natural space overlooking the green rice field. Let the sublimation feelings on a romantic party night, where couples and guests are living in music, listening to the violin melodular sound, the guitar music is busy or the tone of the monastic musical instrument Mix with the breath of peaceful nature. Wedding at Tam Coc Garden is also a memorable memory when you and the guests are dear and walk around the cup by boat to see Northern Nationwide beautiful , or join the picnic trips by jeep and camping outdoors to breathe fresh air and immersed with nature. After the fun moments, drive the body with the soaking moments in the beach Steam, bath and enjoy traditional massage methods. And romantic over all, the wedding night in the candlelight and flower room will be an unforgettable sweet memory. The sweet moment of the couple (Photo: Mirror Wedding) Slow moments, Romantic emotions, sweet memories between lyrical space, which is a great copy of the Tam Coc Garden for couples. Forget the disease worries, throw away the doubts of life, take the full happiness with a poetic wedding between the peaceful regenerate
The isolated small wedding is not only the trend of 2021, but also the perfect vaccine dose for a full life.

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