Wedding Photos Of 2 Brides, 2 Groom Hidden Sweet Story Behind

Wedding photos have up to 2 brides, 2 groom reveals special stories behind the rear <: 00/2: 22 years of Southern Ai Tien (on the left) and Bao Ngoc bride (right) is close friends Each other from the time of the student. Wedding photos was taken away 2 years ago but was first affordable on social networks. Many people showed excitement for the very cute reasons behind this special photo. Tien Tien, 27 years old - Hue people, now live in Ho Chi Minh City - said, on her wedding day in May 2019, when the pictures were shown on the screen, the guests, the two sides were surprised. After asking, knowing the reason behind, everyone laughed excitedly

. Hieu is her close friend since level 2, and Ngoc was a college friend. By 2016, Ai Tien makes her the couple to come together. Seeing the cute girlfriend, kind, hardworking, first aiming for a close friend at the time I was on the United States
Thankfully, until I was met, the couple was extremely compatible and quickly into pairs. Ngoc Ngoc and Truong Hieu live in the United States. Large is thanks to Ngoc and Hieu. Fairy and paint knows each other from before because they both are close friends. However, before that, Tien still "ignored" Son's flirtatics. Once, on the occasion of water, the party intended to invite each other to Saigon. Son knew the plan should have asked to go along. Needs at first not present, painted thanks to two "comments" silently support to "canopy" pour Hue girl. Finally, his "conspiracy" was also successful. In the first place, the fairy wife intended to hold a wedding in March, and Ngoc Ngoc was held in July
But then, because of his family So the wedding of Finish Back to May, and the Ngoc also changed the plan to marry more than 2 months - ie in the same May. To mark his friendship and special milestones, 2 pairs Double decided to shoot a wedding photo, although it was previously a pair of private photos, there was a separate set of photos. Fairy and painting live in Ho Chi Minh City. Both have a baby, are daughter. Especially, first said, both have another great common point that 2 husbands all love their wife and children, psychology, sharing With his wife. Although now lived apart, the two girls still talk to each other often, the topic expanded to raising children, taking care of the family. Even, 2 girls are also considered by many people who have many similar features. (Left) And Bao Ngoc (right) is a daughter Hue.Hai couple has the five months of spring sweet together together. Tears to be a bride. Someone who lives in the United States, a person who lives in Vietnam, but both often chat, confided. The girl is the first love of two boys.Hai cute girls. : NVCC

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